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As dog parents, we only want the best for our four-legged children. The joy and energy they bring must be given the deserved reciprocation. But sometimes, it is a struggle to control their high level of energy that makes a lot of dog owners go nuts. Are you one of those struggling dog parents who would love to see their four-legged kid connect with other dogs through playdates? Then PlayDates4Dogs is the application for you, where it’s a dog meets dog world

Our Story

The idea behind PlayDates4Dogs started from a simple conversation between two friends Mitch “Top Dog” Allen, and David “Hot Dog” Goldwasser, who are both dog lovers and parents. David opened up to Mitch about his worries regarding his new pup, ‘Beanie.’ Beanie is a 2-month old lab and is a real ball of energy. David is having a hard time on how and where he can channel Beanie’s high energy level, wishing there was a platform that they can use to organize playdates for their dogs. So the idea of PlayDates4Dogs was brought to life.

They thought that the great idea itself could not succeed alone. It needs a good marketing strategy. The two searched for another partner and found Andrew “Chili Dog” Cohen, a marketing guru. The three went on an expedition of improvement and launched PlayDates4Dogs.

About Us 

PlayDates4Dogs is a platform designed to help dog owners connect with fellow owners in organizing play dates for their dogs. Playdates are as essential to dogs as it is to children. Joining a play date is one way where they can vent their extra energy. Letting dogs participate in play dates is proven to impact their behavior positively.

The online community that PlayDates4Dogs created helped dog owners take care of their dogs appropriately. They offer tips and answer queries on how to become better dog parents through blog posts and offer various pet products. You can also search for nearby restaurants, veterinary clinics, parks, and establishments where you can bring your dogs.

PlayDates4Dogs is more than an online application; it is a community that establishes connections among dog lovers. Share pictures, stories, and browse through different puppy posts on the platform.

The opportunity to meet new people, dogs, being educated, and aided with the latest products are catered to by the platform. The happiness and love people get from dogs are immeasurable, so PlayDates4Dogs ensures that they also receive the best.

How does It work?

PlayDates4Dogs is an application you can download on your mobile phone. It is for free, and all you need to do is make an account and search for other users you can connect with. Organize play dates with other dog owners nearby. You can also access the application’s directory in finding local parks, restaurants, veterinary clinics, malls, pet stores, and doggy daycare centers.

Your profile on the platform will serve as a space where you can also share fun facts about you and your dogs and what you guys love to do together. Upload their photos and introduce them to the community. You can also send questions and look for answers right away.



Spice up your playdates by getting your dog a new accessory. From colorful leashes, unique toys, and collars available in store for you to choose. With over 21 different accessories, you can partner the color of their leash to their favorite toys.


Show your love and dedication to dog play dates by availing the store’s cap and shirt apparel. The caps are available in different colors that you can also match your dog’s collar to show off that charming parent and doggo duo. The shirt is up for grabs in color black, perfect for attending events organized by PlayDates4Dogs.

Pet Tech

Fueled by the latest technology, PlayDates4Dogs offers pet technology products that level up your play and activities with your dogs.

Dogness Robot

Do not want to leave your dog alone at home? Then this product is perfect for you. Dogness robot is a smart iPet robot that allows you to communicate and interact with your dogs from a remote location. This product has a full 360° control and view feature, records photos and videos that are securely stored, and you can see later on.

Dogness robots also have a treat bin where you can reward your dogs if they have been good. Controllable using a free downloadable application, Dogness robot ensures that you can monitor the safety of your dog and your home as well.

Dogness Smart Cam Treater

This smart product makes tossing games more fun and has a monitoring feature. Fill it with treats and control it using the free downloadable Dogness app. With this product, you can now play with your dogs a game of catch and without hassle.

It has a pet camera with a 165° full HD feature and a night vision, allowing you to monitor your dog in any light condition. It also has a microphone and speaker that enables you to talk with your dogs while playing catch or merely to watch them. This is useful primarily to those owners who are busy with work yet want to make time and bond with their dogs.

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