Ethel M Chocolates: Decadent Chocolates, a Blend of Love, Art & Science

Boredom? Did you know that Ethel M Chocolates was started by the inventor of the Mars Bar?  Did you also know that she started the new company as a hobby to soothe the boredom she experienced after retiring?

It all started in Ethel’s kitchen back in 1911 when she taught her son Forrest how to make gourmet chocolate candy in her Tacoma kitchen.  Though the modern kitchen is much bigger now than the original one, Ethel M Chocolates continue to honor her chocolate legacy by making it just the way she did with quality ingredients, without preservatives, and in small batches.

Ethel M chooses the best Cocoa Beans in Las Vegas
Ethel M chooses the best Cocoa Beans

They travel around the world just to get the best quality cocoa beans and just like Ethel, they believe in only using fine ingredients and pure cocoa butter without oil. The chocolate madness happens in the kitchen. Tradition runs deep in Ethel M Chocolates. The authentic recipes of Ethel are still being followed. This results in delicious unmatched chocolate creations.

Ethel’s chocolate legacy lives in Las Vegas today from the kitchen to the production line to the packing line. When you finally get a piece of it and take a bite into an Ethel M Chocolate, it’s an experience so amazing you feel that Ethel herself made it.

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Chocolate Making Process

The Ethel M Chocolate factory is the birthplace of so many delicious creations, including other Mars products (The famous Mars Chocolate Bar was first manufactured by Forrest Mars in 1932) but no matter what the recipe is, quality is their practice every step of the way.

Lady decorating chocolate at Ethel M
Demonstration Area at Ethel M

In their factory, they ensure the chocolate achieves the proper temperature and consistency. It’s in one of their machines where chocolate and filling come together like a match made in candy heaven. They cool their chocolate down slowly to keep it from breaking and cracking. More chocolate love adrorns confections. Their chocolate-making process has many steps with Ethel remaining as their guide.

For the holiday season, Ethel M is offering its biggest box of chocolates ever. The new centerpiece is so big that you’ll need at least 20 people to share it.

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