PlayDates4Dogs: Where It’s a Dog Meets Dog World

As dog parents, we only want the best for our four-legged children. The joy and energy they bring must be given the deserved reciprocation. But sometimes, it is a struggle to control their high level of energy that makes a lot of dog owners go nuts. Are you one of those struggling dog parents who

Coolcat Spy Gadgets: Protection, Surveillance and Everything in Between

Everybody needs something to make sure they are protected from any form of harm. These threats may come as an attack or even a predator on the lookout to take something that is rightfully yours. CoolCat Spy Gadgets answers the public’s needs for protective tools and devices. CoolCat Spy Gadgets caters to both big businesses

Trustifi: The First Federally-approved System of Sending Legal Documents Online

In today’s world of heightened technology, the confidentiality and security of communication is a growing concern. With email as a primary means of communication, especially in the realm of business, this concern is highly evident. In Las Vegas, a software company called Trustifi offers email solutions to settle this concern, aiming to provide true peace

Dot Vegas, Inc: A True Vegas Identity

You’ve heard of .com, and .net, but did you know Las Vegas has its very own domain name extension called Dot Vegas (.vegas)? Now you can buy, or, or any available custom domain ending in .vegas. If your market is anywhere in the greater Las Vegas area, you now hold a better option

ALICE Receptionist: A Live Interactive Customer Experience

Imagine this. You enter a lobby and something greets you instead of a person. A virtual receptionist on a flat-screen TV talks to you. Managing an office is now exciting with ALICE® Receptionist. ALICE is an acronym for A Live Interactive Customer Experience. It is a 2-Way virtual video receptionist that is changing the future of a

Ainsworth Game Technology: Innovative & High-quality Game Equipment

Australian-based Ainsworth Game Technology is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of gaming solutions. Founded in 1995 by Len Ainsworth, it currently has around 201 to 500 employees across the globe and has its footprints in Australia, New Zealand, Macau, Latin America, and North America. Its main headquarters is located in Newington, Australia. AIMING