Ainsworth Game Technology: Innovative & High-quality Game Equipment

Australian-based Ainsworth Game Technology is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of gaming solutions. Founded in 1995 by Len Ainsworth, it currently has around 201 to 500 employees across the globe and has its footprints in Australia, New Zealand, Macau, Latin America, and North America. Its main headquarters is located in Newington, Australia.


Ainsworth Gaming Technology has come a long way ever since it started. In tackling a big and long-running business like this, I wonder: what makes it so successful? After researching on Ainsworth Gaming Technology, I believe it’s because of the company’s love for innovation and excellence. It works on creating not only innovative but also high-quality game equipment and games. 

Ainsworth Gaming Technology’s booth last year as they displayed over 100 games at the Global Gaming Expo. Photo courtesy of their Facebook account.

For what result, you ask? Well, basically, it is all to give an amazing experience to its customers. As its tagline suggests, “experience counts”. At the same time, Ainsworth Gaming Technology also wants to guarantee the growth of its stakeholders with the help of its products and services. As one of its mission says, “to secure sustainable profitability and growth for all stakeholders”.

Ainsworth Gaming Technology covers all aspects of operations. This includes conception, product development, installation, service, and support. Ainsworth manufactures game machines such as the 500 and 600 series cabinets and creates various games. Some of its famous games are Stacked Up and Three Amigos. They are some of the games of A640. 

Ainsworth’s Crazy Jackpots during the Global Gaming Expo last year. Photo courtesy of Ainsworth Gaming Technology’s Facebook account.


In North America, Las Vegas houses the headquarters of Ainsworth Gaming Technology. Specifically, it is located along 5800 Rafael Rivera Way. The facility measures 291, 000 square-foot and costs $40 million dollars. The headquarters includes an office, a warehouse, and an area for manufacturing. 

Ainsworth has opened its brand-new North American headquarters in Las Vegas, which is 291,000-square-foot big. The construction began last October 2014.

So, why Las Vegas? Well, I think we can all agree that Las Vegas is one of the top cities, if not the top city, in mind when it comes to gaming. People from all over the world recognize the abundance of casinos and sources of nightlife entertainment in Las Vegas, which even led to it being dubbed as the Sin Capital of the World.

This is why it is no surprise that the company chose Las Vegas to house its headquarters. In a Las Vegas Sun article, Director of Marketing Mike Trask added that another great thing about the location is the fact that it is accessible from the McCarran International Airport.


If you wish to know more about the opportunities that Ainsworth Gaming Technology offers for your business, just visit its website for more information or reach out to it with this number: (702) 954-3000.


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