Dot Vegas, Inc: A True Vegas Identity

You’ve heard of .com, and .net, but did you know Las Vegas has its very own domain name extension called Dot Vegas (.vegas)? Now you can buy, or, or any available custom domain ending in .vegas. If your market is anywhere in the greater Las Vegas area, you now hold a better option

Zappos: Providing the Best Service Online

You have been eyeing to buy a particular pair of shoes. You go to your favorite shoe shop, but the shoes are not available. It has the right style, but not the right size. So you head to another shoe shop hoping to find the shoes you want. You come in and the sales associate

Real Alkalized Water: Real Water, Beyond Alkalinity

Real Alkalized Water is a US-based product that is owned and manufactured by Affinity It is a corporation based out of Las Vegas, Nevada that has licensed the exclusive rights to the proprietary process called the Electron Energized or E2 Technology extended throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Real Water comes in a

Nectar Bath Treats: Remarkable Sweet Treats for the Bath & Body

  Extraordinary Products. Exceptional Employees. Happy Customers! That is what Nectar Bath Treats is all about. They offer remarkable sweet treats for the bath & body that are handmade in Las Vegas. Employees rave about the company and you can feel that there is so much love among them. Their soap confections are exceptional that

CannaBier: Las Vegas Leading the Way in Legal Cannabis Beer

“But I Can’t Taste Any Cannabis?” “But I can’t taste any cannabis?”  I said perplexed.  “That’s the idea” replied Al Fasano.  Al and his partners in Two Roots Brewing Co –  including local attorney Ed Bernstein (BBB Member) – have formulated the best tasting non-alcoholic beer I have ever tasted.  In place of alcohol, a