Lola Soaps: Delightful Bakery Inspired Bath and Body Treats

There has been an increase in demand for skincare products in recent years. Several brands have popped up to offer their own skincare routine sets. However, most of us consider soap as one of the essential steps in cleansing our skin and for our hygiene. Soaps may vary through size, scent, ingredients, and purpose. Also, finding

Sapona: Organic Bath & Body Products

For some, a bath is a lot more than just a regular part of their routine. Some see the time they spend taking a bath and doing their post-bath routine as a sweet escape. Others, on the other hand, see it as a time where they could release all the stresses of the day and reflect on

Nectar Bath Treats: Remarkable Sweet Treats for the Bath & Body

  Extraordinary Products. Exceptional Employees. Happy Customers! That is what Nectar Bath Treats is all about. They offer remarkable sweet treats for the bath & body that are handmade in Las Vegas. Employees rave about the company and you can feel that there is so much love among them. Their soap confections are exceptional that

Sweet Bubble: Las Vegas’ Original Bath Baker

Peek into this delightful retail store at the Town Square Shopping Mall and witness how creative and charming handmade soap and bath confections can be. Sweet Bubble, Las Vegas’ original bath baker has Bath Confections that are edible-looking designs. Luscious artisan slices and slabs are what you will see in the store. Taking your bubble