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There has been an increase in demand for skincare products in recent years. Several brands have popped up to offer their own skincare routine sets. However, most of us consider soap as one of the essential steps in cleansing our skin and for our hygiene.

Soaps may vary through size, scent, ingredients, and purpose. Also, finding the perfect cleanser for you involves knowing your skin type. Would you want to moisturize, tone, or brighten your skin up?

About Lola Soaps

Lola Soaps is a bath and body shop. They are bound to deliver luxe and pampering experiences to their valued customers. Through their colorful bakery-like shop and adorable treats, they get to entertain their customers and are said to bring out the child in them.

One of their goals is to make sure everyone who walks out of their store will be as much happier when they come in. The store has well-trained employees that promise to treat every customer like family. They deliver the full Lola experience by giving attention to the little details.

Freshest Ingredients For You

The company is confident enough that each of their products was made with high-quality ingredients. They see to it that they have gone through research, as well as make the best products with sustainable and guilt-free ingredients.

Lola wanted to give magic to each of their customers by turning your homes into instant spas. The store provides attention and emphasis to these three best ingredients.

Moroccan Lava Clay

Used for over 1,500 years in beauty care, Moroccan Lava Clay, or “Rhassoul Clay” is mined from the Atlas Mountains in beautiful Eastern Morocco. Extremely mineral-rich and full of beneficial components perfect for your skin.

Fresh Lavender

These are fresh farm lavender, which helps aid in relaxation, stress reduction, and promotes better sleep. A sprinkle of lavender in their treats will help you drift off into a state of peace and relaxation.

Premium Sweet Almond Oil

Thanks to a high Vitamin E concentration found in almonds, it’s the oil. It is known to keep skin cells healthy, protects from UV rays, and the fatty acids help your skin retain moisture for glowing healthy skin.

The Lola Advocacy

The good thing about this shop is that they stand firm with their advocacy– to stop animal cruelty. They are firmly against testing skincare products to animals. And they also put pressure on other beauty stores to do the same.

The Lola Soaps asks help from their customers to also promote this advocacy and only purchase from animal-cruelty free brands. This movement is to preserve the Earth and to give importance to each living thing there are. 

Lola Soaps Collections

Bath Bombs

Bath tub showers call for amazing bath bombs. Lola Soaps bath bombs are made of hard-packed mixtures of dry ingredients. They create a fizzy effect when wet. Bath bombs are used to infuse water with essential oils and scents, as well as bubbles or color for fun.

Fresh Lavender Handmade Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is scented with delicate herbal notes of lavender, chamomile, and warm honey; soothing Epsom salt-filled bombs will color your bath water a delicate purple while creating the ultimate bath time experience.

Coconut Handmade Bath Bomb

Did you know that coconuts can protect you from acne and help moisturize your skin? This Coconut Bath Bomb is made with Exotic Coconut and Acai. Do you want to take the blue ocean straight right to your tub?

Peppermint & Sage Handmade Bath Bomb

These words might be contradicting, but it’s true, this is the kind of bomb that will make you feel relaxed. Peppermints are known to help relieve tension, headaches, and migraines. This bomb is also infused with sage, which is also an antioxidant. This is a genuine bomb, indeed!

Strawberry, White Peach, & Tangerine Handmade Bath Bomb

Most fruits are a good source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C can help you have glowing and bright skin complexion. This Strawberry, White Peach, and Tangerine Bomb are packed with a tutti-frutti scent to dominate your tub.

Lola Soap Treats

Have you ever heard about a treat and a soap in one? Cupcake soaps are available in Lola Soaps Shop. Instead of satisfying your sweet tooth, it will give your skin a velvety feeling. 

They have Guava Tangerine Cupcake Soap. It is made from fresh guava and zesty tangerine aromas with sweet notes of mango, açaí berry, and passion fruit. Next is their Happy Birthday Cupcake Soap. 

This Birthday Soap is scented with a playful vanilla blend of marshmallow fluff, sugar cane, and yellow cake with fruity notes of maraschino cherries and strawberry jam. And, it has sprinkles on top, too!

If you want a pink version of the birthday soap, you may choose to buy their Pink Vanilla Cupcake Soap. It is also made from vanilla and marshmallow fluff. Lastly, not to mention the sparkle that the glitters on top give.

To complete your cupcake collection is the Sweet Grape Soap. It is a combination of blue and purple swirls with shimmers on top. This would be a perfect addition to your bathroom.

Lola’s Body Scrubs

Strawberry and Banana Sugar Body Scrub

Exfoliate moderately, and have that smooth and feather-soft skin. This body scrub has natural exfoliators that can also act as antioxidants— sugar, blueberry, and cranberry seeds. Fill your nose with strawberry, banana, and peach scents as you scrub-a-dub-buh-dub the impurities away.

Grapefruit, Tangerine, and Lemon Sea Salt Scrub

Treat your skin with the refreshing aromas of natural citrus. Citrus fruits leave your skin bright and glowing. As the sea salt exfoliates your skin, shea butter and sweet almond oil will gently moisturize it, too!

Cacao and Coffee Sugar Body Scrub

Are you a coffeeholic? This scrub is perfect for you! A rich blend of sugar and ground coffee, blended with Morrocan lava clay. Also, the cocoa powder acts as an antioxidant to replenish your skin. 

As you rub this scrub on your skin, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and sweet almond oil bid their farewell to your dead skin cells.

Bath Lab Facial Care Collection

Lola Soap also offers you their facial care collection. They have toners, firming treatment, soothing cleanser, eye cream, eye serum, night cream, and moisturizers. These goodies also come in a set.


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