Sweet Bubble: Las Vegas’ Original Bath Baker

Peek into this delightful retail store at the Town Square Shopping Mall and witness how creative and charming handmade soap and bath confections can be. Sweet Bubble, Las Vegas’ original bath baker has Bath Confections that are edible-looking designs. Luscious artisan slices and slabs are what you will see in the store. Taking your bubble bath changes the way you see soaps and skin products.

The products at Sweet Bubble are proudly handmade at their Soap Bakery in Las Vegas. Products are Bubbles & Soaks, Confections, Slatherings & Slush and Soap Slices. These products resemble cupcakes, sprinkled donuts, cakes, pies and tarts topped with buttercreams, whips, and frostings that look freshly baked from the oven.

Bubbles & Soaks

They have bath bubbles that look like real cakes and pies. They have colorful bubbles that have magical colors. You may not want to use it but rather keep it because it’s too pretty to use. Staring closely just brings out the beautiful combination of colors. They are described as deliciously fragranced bath crystals, powder and potions made with Real Shea and Cocoa Butters.


Chocolate Chip Cookies, Macaron Soap Cookies and Mini Candy Apple are sweet, whimsical and embellished things. Soaps are some of the edible-looking soaps that they sell. They look like real baked goodies.

Slatherings & Slush

These products offer an exquisite collection of head to toe body slathers that are made to prime, plump, soothe and smooth the skin. Creams are like frostings. They call a scrub, slush. It’s an imaginative way of marketing a regular scrub by calling it slush. These products exfoliate and moisturize the skin.

Soap & Slices

Now, these artisan soap slices may not look like cakes or pies but they look delectable and smell exquisite. They burst with bright colors that clean effectively and lather lusciously to the skin.

The owners design, develop, create and handmade the products. Local businesses such as Sweet Bubble bring pride to the residents of Las Vegas. Locals and tourists will find something interesting to buy. It is unique and is a nice gift to give. You are assured of the soap’s freshness each time you pick an item at their store. If you’re not sure which product to buy, you can ask any of the staff to guide you.

The bath products just don’t look good to eat but are actually great for sensitive skin. Take a dip on the sweet side as you visit their store. Packaged creatively and presented visually, Sweet Bubble creates a memorable store experience and a unique bath experience at home.

Their products are available only at Sweet Bubble retail locations and on their website.

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