JoJo’s Jerky: A Surprising Vegas Find

JoJo’s Jerky, a surprising Vegas find, started in Las Vegas by Hans Hippert back in 2004 having a passion for food and a dream. He brought Jerky to a friend’s house that was well-received by his family and friends. His friend’s son, Jonathan would go crazy about it and would always ask when Hans would come over and bring him some Jerky.

Jojo’s Jerky Name

Who would have thought that the kid’s name, Jonathan, whose nickname is JoJo, would later be part of Han’s business name, JoJo’s Jerky? As a kid, JoJo would be brutally honest and say what was on his mind. Hans knew the issues and worked on it until he got everything right. Hans promised JoJo that the company will be named after him and that he could have all the Jerky he wants. Hence, the name JoJo’s Jerky.

Fast forward to today, JoJo’s Jerky is shared to the people of Las Vegas with two locations in the area. It is also available online. Their top sellers definitely leave a mark to anyone who tastes it. Tasty and tender are the characteristics you will hear when they taste JoJo’s Jerky. It definitely has the true flavors of a Jerky. See their bestsellers below.

Jojo’s Jerky Top sellers!

  • Teriyaki Beef Jerky Chunk – Sweet teriyaki, made with fresh garlic, natural soy sauce, and light brown sugar.
  • Triple Threat Beef Jerky Chunks – Made with 3 different Chilies, Habanero, hatch and telli-cherry peppers.
  • Original Pepper Beef Jerky Chunks – Made with all fresh ingredients, hickory smoke, and fresh cracked black pepper.
  • Wasabi Horseradish PRIME RIB – It tastes like roasted prime rib with fresh rosemary, thyme, and garlic, dipped in aus jus with a little hint of horseradish.
  • Sweet Heat Spicy Thai Chili – All-natural version of a sweet Thai chili sauce. It starts off sweet, then a little sour, and then has a kick at the end. Gluten-Free.
  • Hell on Earth – Chunks – All the same flavor of Triple Threat with 3X the bite. World’s hottest peppers for a Jerky.

The Best all natural jerky in the world!

Great and knowledgeable staff, free samples and delicious Jerky are what people rave about JoJo’s Jerky. It is really a Surprising Vegas Find. Natural ingredients make up the products.

Expanding the Horizons

JoJo’s Jerky does not only sell Jerky but has an extensive product line of Rubs, Marinades and Sauces, which they are continually expanding. They advertise that there will be no dried out jerky anymore and flavorless hot sauces on the shelves. Their products have a level of quality and a price point that can help a business provide a more competitive and flavorful selection on their shelves.

The company has opportunities for franchisees, wholesale for retail outlets and modular kiosks systems. Vegas is the home of Jojo’s Jerky. Hans Hippert truly has an impressive product and a great vision.

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    JoJo’s Jerky, a surprising Vegas find, started in Las Vegas by Hans Hippert back in 2004 having a passion for food and a dream. He brought Jerky to a
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    Marina Carlson

    do you give free tasting of the products you sell if I visit? Wish you do!

    Jamby Brown

    I highly recommend this place! Their sauces and rubs and marines are very very good! They’ve got high quality meat that is tender and flavor packed! They also have options for vegan and for pets. Amazingly great store with great and helpful staff!

    Asst. Editor

    Hi! We don’t know if they give free tasting but you can try to call them at this number, 702-812-2457, for more info.

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