N Scott Distillery: A Family-Owned Distillery

Without alcoholic drinks to raise our spirits, we perceive life to be boring. Even during the years before the common era, humans spice up their drinks longing to taste something different from the ordinary. They even thought of experimenting things like fermenting honey and water that lead them to creating a simple booze called mead.

Ideas instantly flood our minds even by just a single thought of alcohol. It gives us the feeling of peace similar to the breeze of the sea or excitement of trying something for the first time. N Scott Distillery has a lot of alcoholic drinks in store for you, that will surely kick your spirit.

About the N Scott Distillery

N Scott Distillery is a family-owned distillery founded by the Strausers in the city of Las Vegas. Dedicated to make their booze the best when it comes to quality and flavor. Rest-assured  that each of their products will give you a whole new experience to tickle your taste buds. 

The president and chief executive officer is Nicholas Strauser, a well-known skilled jeweler born in Hawaii. Trying his luck, he moved together with his family in the sin city of Las Vegas in 1999. Although he pursued his career as a jeweler, he knows for sure that he wanted something else.

Years have passed and he went along with the noisy streets and busy life. Preoccupied with work and raising a family, he seemed to have lost track of his very dream, distilling. Taking a few years back to 2016, his enthusiasm and heat of passion started once again like a phoenix rising from ashes. 

His wife and childhood sweetheart, Connie Strauser showed him the path he had not taken for a long time. Opening a fresh start with new possibilities after their retirement. He, once more welcomed his long forgotten dream with open arms garnering support from his family. 

In doing business, entrepreneurs risk big hoping for a bigger return. It is not easy to enter an unfamiliar world without carrying the weapon of learning from experiences. Lucky for this family, Nicholas Strauser’s gift and talent of distilling surely did not go away. 

N Scott Distillery’s Objective 

Like any other businesses, this distillery also shares their very main goal, to capture the hearts of drinkers that opt to appreciate a good and well-made spirit. Since their products can be made in small batches, they put delicate effort just like the way on how a grandmother would make her meals. 

They intend to keep their processing of spirits small and controlled to maintain a reasonable price. This allows everyone to enjoy and drown in the goodness of the once not readily available fine spirit to all.


Gentleman’s 1864 Whiskey

Chug your night away with their signature distilled specialty spirit that started it all. It is an award winning spirit that won a bronze medal in American Distilling Institute Craft Spirit in 2018. It is 40% alcohol and 80 proof. 

Premium Vodka

Their Premium vodka is made of 100% cane vodka and said to be the smoothest. This award winning spirit also won a bronze medal in American Distilling Institute Craft Spirit and a silver medal in International spirit competition both in 2018. It is 40% alcohol and 80 proof. 

Blackstrap Rum

Did you know that drinking rum in moderation is good for the heart, as well as it lowers down cholesterol levels? N Scott’s full-bodied aged rum has 40% alcohol content. It’s exemplary quality can not be denied since it won a bronze silver in American Distilling Institute Craft Spirit in 2018.

Blanco Rum

If you prefer to have a lighter and smoother rum, this one is perfect for you. Blanco Rum is a clearer version of the previous one, although they have the same alcohol content. As of now this Rum have not yet won any awards, but rest assured that it is as good as the previous ones.

High-Technology Machineries

Those 4 spirits above will not be complete without the production process. The owners of N Scott Distillery find ways to unleash their greatest potentials in production. They aim to come up with the purest and most delicious treat for the crowd. As they describe their products, it will always make you think of the word “deliciousness”.

Grain Mill

The distilling process is very simple. It starts with cracking the grains in the grain miller to give that fine texture. Also, to enhance flavors that become playful for the mouth.

Mash Tank

Next step is incorporating the grains to the mash tank together with hot water. Cook the grains for 90 minutes to extract the most-sought aromatic scent. To imagine better what a mash tank does, it is basically a huge pot filled with oatmeal.

Fermentation Tank 

After the mashing process, the grains are transferred in a fermentation tank stored in a huge fermentation room. Yeast is then added to the mixture, sparking the start of the fermentation process. This would last for about a week to ensure that it will offer a high-alcohol content drink.

Distiller/Reflux Still

The fermented drink is then poured into a distiller or a reflux still to begin with the distilling process. It is the action of separating components of a substance from its liquid mixture.

Oak Reactor

The oak reactor is the new state of the art technology considered as the “gem” of the distillery. It makes the production rate higher through fast aging that could be cut short in less than 2 weeks instead of six years. Voila! Everything is set, all you need to do is to get your hands in one of N Scott’s spirits.

Fun Facts

Vlog and Youtube channel

Never forget to visit N Scott Distillery’s Youtube Channel to learn more of the distilling process. Not only that it provides entertainment but also opens the minds of the viewers to a whole new perspective about alcoholic beverages. Nicholas Strauser will take you to a thrilling adventure through his Ramblings of a Distiller segment. N Scott Distillery is also present in Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Upcoming Products

Are you ready for a big surprise? Calling out all alcohol lovers who are enthusiastic to welcome new challenging flavors for the tongue. Handcrafted Agave Spirits will soon be in store to liven up your mood. Made from pure heirloom agave straight from Mexico to rock your night away.

10% off in next purchase

Great news! The N Scott Distillery gives 10% off in your next purchase. All you have to do is leave a review on their facebook page, Google or Bing.

Contact Details


3065 North Rancho Drive, Suite 144

Las Vegas, NV 89130

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.nscottdistillery.com

Phone:  (702) 907-2013

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