Slotfocus: Solution to Game Performance Analytics


Slotfocus is the best solution for game performance analytics. The business operates with the mission to establish long-lasting relationships with its growing subscriber base. Leading casino operations analyst William T. Dunn was the one who developed the idea.

The software is a combination of predictive modeling, trending, and player analytics. These functionalities provide results that can be applied by businesses and as well as insights that can be useful for future strategies. The software application is cloud-based and functions primarily as a service provider.

Slotfocus provides multi-dimensional analytics that will aid gaming businesses, like casinos, in determining the value of every floor on the location. It provides insights in terms of under or over-performing games. These insights are useful in decision-making to grow revenue and meet the needs of the customers. 

What Makes Slotfocus Worth It?

Slotfocus is one of the significant providers of game performance analytics. It addresses the needs of gaming businesses by creating a platform that not only analyzes and predicts trends but also increases their leverage with existing gaming manufacturers.


The software provides trend analytics that is both advanced and predictively customized. The insights provided by Slotfocus allows the business to organize the games within the location strategically. For example, games with higher performance should be placed near the entrance to attract many customers.

Players can also be categorized based on their gaming behavior. This categorization is also one factor that should be considered and is taken into consideration with the results of the trend analytics.


Everyone wants software that is easy to navigate and has accessible functionalities. With Slotfocus, it is easier because of the interactive dashboards. For better access, data visualizations come color-coded as well.

The analytical results are also presented concisely for more accurate interpretations and applications for future strategies. The software’s deployment options also come flexible for more straightforward navigation and access.


The main goal of Slotfocus is not to tell software and gain profit. Instead, they focus their attention on helping their growing subscriber base maximize their results. With this, the subscription service does not require any hardware or software purchases.

The price of the software is generally less than the majority. It is even cheaper than the entry-level cost of an FTE.


What sets Slotfocus apart from its competitors is its features. These functionalities help increase the user’s efficiency and preempt possible issues and concerns and create a plan to combat these problems. The solutions will block off any damage or inconvenience to the operation of the business.

Comprehensive Suite of Reports and Analysis

Slotfocus has a dashboard-style feature to show summaries and display interactive analytics. The software also has several pre-built reports and has customizable contents based on the user’s preference and suitability for the business.

Easy to Use

The software provides a simple drop-down method to filter data. The drill-down is another option to see results details. Slotfocus is an easy to use software because it also offers interactive charts and graphs users can use, whenever needed.

Strategic Game Title Categorizations

With its powerful predictive analytics functionality, users can better understand its floor performance. Aside from this, it also offers a multi-layered trend analysis. Slotfocus has a simple, yet strategic classification matrix that makes the experience a whole lot easier.

Location Analytics

The software also enables the user to acquire information concerning the value scoring of every slot position on the floor. In this feature, one can see the titles that are dependent on their location. Some titles maintain their performance regardless of their location.

Player Analytics

Player analytics is an optional feature offered by Slotfocus. This enables the user to determine the games that skew toward individual players and their usual demographics. The feature also helps the user acquire a better understanding of a particular player’s affinity and loyalty to chosen titles.

Users can also determine the tiles that are often associated with each other. For future decisions in making strategies, player analytics also allows the users to learn about the games its top players are playing.

Fast Access to Historical Information

Writing and running queries take a lot of time. It is lengthened further by the time it takes to wait for the results to be released. Accessing historical information is made faster with the virtual spot performance data warehouse that provides readily available data of data analyses that are already completed.


Floor Optimization and Revenue Growth

Every position on the gaming floor needs to be adequately utilized to maximize its potential. Slotfocus, with its features, is the best way to do floor optimization. The software allows users to identify under-performing content, which will help in future decisions.

Slotfocus also determines the games that can perform in different locations on the gaming floor. Users will experience growth in its revenue with its better capacity in managing supply to the players’ demand.

Increase in Efficiency

With Slotfocus’s strategic categorizations, users can quickly focus their attention on the points where it is needed the most. Efficiency also increases because of the time users save in crunching numbers. The saved time can then be useful in making sound decisions that will pave the way for their growth.

When a business has software like Slotfocus, it also increases its leverage to bargain with other manufacturers of gaming platforms. In any case that it is in the trial phase of introducing new games, the software is also helpful as it helps in quickly seeing results and movements.

Slotfocus helps users save time as floor changes can be generated automatically. New game titles are also taken right away, which increases efficiency and allows more sound decisions.

Clean and Comprehensive Data Views

It is easier to store and recover data with Slotfocus’s precise and comprehensive data views. The software produces a clean and secure repository of data. Its drill-down is also designed to be immersive and, at the same time, detailed for better user experience. The pre-analyzed data repository is also made clean and secure, aside from the per-analyzed one mentioned.


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