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It’s undeniable that we, humans, easily get attracted to beautiful things. We stare at shiny stuff with the desire to touch them. Appreciation and amusement fill the air whenever we see handcrafted products.

Every product goes through a process. Although the finished product won’t be possible without the determination and hard work, Silver Post will give you everything you want, from jewelry to handcrafted sculptures.

About Silver Post

Silver Post is family-owned jewelry working with experience for over 70 years. The business has been passed down to its third generation. This spiritual and meditative store is currently owned by the husband and wife duo, Aaron and Sarah Sidranski. 

Upon entering Silver Post’s shop, your eyes will be blinded by southwest goods, Native American jewelry, gems, and minerals. They have a wide range of products that will surely make your head turn. Behind every successful business is a compassionate, hardworking man or woman. 

The store was first brought to life by Aaron Sidranski’s grandfather, who named the store “El Paso Trading Post.” His grandfather’s dream still lives on to this day, thanks to his grandson, who shares the same thoughts as him. Before Aaron took over their family business, his life was no fairytale. 

He resigned from his Casino Exec job and was barely able to afford his food. When he met his wife, Sarah, who used to work in the medical industry, he was living at the back of his new shop.

With enough encouragement from his wife and perseverance, he turned their shop into something he always dreamed of.

Before reaching success, they both had troubles and hardships. Yet, that negativity didn’t stop them from pursuing their life-long dreams. They showed the world what they’ve got and brought smiles to numerous customers through Silver Post.


Silver Post’s management emphasizes that customer service, and attention to detail are essential. These are crucial things that should not be neglected. Therefore, it led them to become a store with world-class quality products.

Being passionate and in love with your work pushes you to put all your efforts endlessly. These principles are what rule the hearts of the Sidranki’s. Aiming to establish a more personal relationship with their workers, they work with artisans and not through a distributor.

They even offer pieces signed by the artists attached with a “Certificate of Authenticity.” Because of their utmost care for both their products and people, artists choose to stay with them. Some even started from the years of Aaron’s boyhood.


The environment provides delicate and raw materials useful to humans. Nature is full of curiosities and mind-blowing discoveries with lots of stones, crystals, and diodes. Silver Post offers unique artisan works made by 46 Native American artists perfect for people who appreciate art.

 After locking eyes with something we want, our mind tells us to choose another. We become doubtful and indecisive, especially when buying. Well, lo and behold! If you can’t pinpoint what you want while shopping in Silver Post, these products below might guide your way.

1. Sterling Silver

Silver is one of the most valuable elements, along with gold. They are commonly crafted to be used as jewelry like bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Silver Post sells off these gems that touch hearts personally because of their eye-catching properties.

2. Stones and Crystals

Each element in the Earth’s body is a precious creation. It is an important piece that makes our planet whole. It is like how dearly a son is to his mother.

Stones and crystals are symbols that show how wealthy our land is. It shows explicit beauty and the feeling of charm. Some of these are intricately sold in Silver Post. 

Among these are: crystal pendants, spheres, pyramids, stone carvings, stone bracelets, palm stones, and tumbled stones. Most are used as designs, decor, and accessories. 

3. Smudging Supplies

Are you opting for a purification ritual? You can find whatever supplies that you’d need in Silver Post.

4. Home Decor

We all like our houses to look creative, minimalist, or turn it into something we feel comfortable with. Silver Post has home decors like preserved butterflies in a frame to onyx lamps that can fit with your mood.

3. Keychains

Who wouldn’t want a great-looking keychain hanging along with their keys? At Silver Post store and online, you look for the perfect keychain that you think was made for you.

4. Velvet Stone Pouch

Pouches are essential materials for us to store our things. But, every pouch has its specification and use like Velvet Stone pouches sold at Silver Post to protect your stone collections from scratch.

Shop Policies

A set of rules is implemented for seamless transactions. Silver Post has a few shop policies to ensure that customers will have a positive shopping experience with less hassle.

Returns and exchanges

All of the items bought in their store and online must be paid full at the time of purchase. All of the orders are final and are not subject to change. None of the products are available for refunds or exchanges.

Payment Method

Payment terms implemented by Silver Post are within their sole discretion. It can only be revised if the customer and the store owner agree if the payment can be accepted before an order. 

They accept payment made through credit card other prearranged payment methods. In case there are promotions or discount coupons, they are prohibited from being combined.


Orders are shipped within 1-4 business days. Silver Post is not liable for damaged or lost items during shipping. Domestic shipments are tracked at the same time the tracking number of the item is sent.

Contact Details


1875 Festival Plaza Dr. Suite 150 

Las Vegas, NV 89135



Email:[email protected]

Phone: (702) 227-3005


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