Showgirl Costumes: Creating Beautiful Showgirl Costumes in Las Vegas Since 1990

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Performing arts has always been one of the best forms of entertainment. In the City of Las Vegas, beautiful and skilled girls showcasing their talents and performing for the crowd attract the most attention. Perhaps, this is what inspired Gillian Gardner, creator and designer of Show-Off! Las Vegas Showgirl Costumes, to create beautiful and unique showgirl costumes. 

About Show-Off! Las Vegas Showgirl Costumes by Gillian

For over 26 years, Show-Off! Las Vegas Showgirl Costumes by Gillian has produced high-quality costumes for performers and the like to rent or purchase. Each piece is designed to detail and handcrafted to perfection, which makes every piece unique and different. 

Gillian’s masterpieces are usually being rented or purchased for various events. These products will surely make you stand out and look very beautiful when worn in fashion shows, entertainment performances, and beauty pageants.

Show-Off! Las Vegas Showgirl Costumes by Gillian is considered as one of the most high-end boutiques in Las Vegas because of the high-quality costumes they produce. They can’t disappoint their clients since they only use the most delicate feathers, rhinestones, fabrics, and sequins for their creations.

Aside from the attractiveness of their costumes, they also make sure that their products are well-made, light-weight, and comfortable for their clients to wear. All of their outfits are handmade to ensure that the specifications of the clients are met. They also allow their clients to customize the costume that they desire, may it be with the colour scheme, or how the clients want their dress to be styled.

Gillian’s team provides glamorous showgirl costumes to tradeshow events, Hollywood casinos, Las Vegas entertainers, and celebrities. Some of these celebrities include Mariah Carey, Iggy Azalea, Pussycat Dolls, and the list goes on.

Since their costumes gained attention all over the USA due to its five-star quality, it opened an opportunity for Gillian’s team to accommodate clients from other nations. They were able to ship their costumes to places like Canada, Scotland, Ireland, London, Paris, Rio, Bermuda, and many more.

Full Costumes

These are all-inclusive costumes that come with different ensembles such as headpiece, accessories, and gloves. Full showgirl costumes usually range from 1050-2500 dollars depending on the design that the client wants.

You can either choose between GG Classic Design, GG Celebrity Design, or GG Signature Design. All of these are equally designed to elegance but differ in style and the materials used.

GG Classic Design

GG Classic Design appears to be simpler and looks less complicated in terms of its pattern and style. It is usually a two-piece showgirl costume with a classic bra and bottom, decorated with sequins, beads, and feathers. 

GG Celebrity Design

GG Celebrity Design is much more complicated because it is decorated with elegant rhinestones and crystals. It can either be styled as your typical two-piece costume or a stylish one-piece with a long skirt.

GG Signature Design

GG Signature Design is admired because of the large bustle feathers attached at the bottom piece of the costume. Aside from pearls and beads, it is also embellished with different rhinestones and crystals, making its design more exciting and elegant.


Just like Gillian’s full costumes designs, headpieces also have variations. In this way, clients can specifically choose the perfect headpiece design that matches their style. The price for these headpieces is between 325-850 dollars.

Each headpiece is well handcrafted to complement flawlessly with the costumes that they have created. Also, the headpieces that they produce are uniquely made; thus, their clients stand out while wearing their creations.

GG Classic Design

If you are looking for a simple yet elegant headpiece, GG Classic Design is the best choice. Although this design is not decorated with too many beads and stones, its intricate sequins and massive feathers make it eye-catching.

20’s style

Flapper headpieces were a thing for women back in the ’20s. It is a combination of sequins beads, fancy lace, and bright feathers. These are also what a 20’s Style headpiece is composed of. You can match this headpiece with a fringed outfit and opera gloves, and you are good to go.

Custom Color

This style can be a combination of different types of feathers and crystals. You can also specify your desired colour palette to create a fabulous headpiece.

Apart from this, Show-Off! Las Vegas Showgirl Costumes by Gillian also provides different skull cap styles for clients to choose from. These are: pointed between brows, turban or reverse point between eyebrows, and round or entire crown. This helps their clients feel more comfortable while wearing their headpieces.

Bras and Bottoms

A fitted bra is one of the top priorities of performers, most especially if they have an extreme show. In Gillian’s designs, this is their prime focus. Their bras are entirely created with underwire, bra pads, and adjustable straps, which gives you a comfortable and long-lasting fit.

G-string bottoms are also decorated with sequins, beads, and fine rhinestones to match the bras’ pattern and design.

The price of bras and bottoms differ according to style and design. Their cheapest bra, which has basic sequins and bead design, costs around $85, while the most expensive bra, which is made with different crystals and rhinestones, can cost up to $1150.

Skirts and Flirts

Gillian designed a variety of skirts for clients to choose from. Whether you are looking for a short or long skirt, Gillian has got you covered.

First is the Crop skirt. This is a short skirt that will surely highlight the beauty of your legs. Second, Sarong skirt. This below the knee fitted skirt with a side slit and can sometimes be longer. Last but not least is a long showgirl skirt or Tulle Bustle skirt. These skirts are so long that they could cover your entire legs if not for the side slit.

Showgirl Jewelry and Gloves

As beautiful as the costumes that Gillian has created, she also designed necklaces and gloves that will make your showgirl costume complete. Her necklaces and chokers are made with high-quality rhinestones and Swarovski crystals, which you can use on many occasions.

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