The Patio Desserts and Drinks: A Feast for Your Eyes and Palate

The Patio Desserts and Drinks (1)

Can you imagine how it feels like to enter a place oozing with vibrant colors and delectable flavors? The Patio Desserts and Drinks will please your eyes as well as satisfy your palate. Discover their unique specialty drinks, desserts that will tickle your sweet tooth.

About The Patio Desserts and Drinks

The Patio Desserts and Drinks is an Asian-inspired dessert house. It offers a one of a kind dessert experience since it is a place filled with different kinds of plants. They are known for their “Puffle”, a Honk Kong waffle.

The Patio aims to deliver a hint of an oriental dessert shop in Las Vegas. You can enjoy home-made ice-cream, cakes with plenty of flavors to choose from, honey toast, pudding, and more.

After choosing your desired dessert, it can be best paired with their specialty drinks.  The Patio proudly serves organic teas and espresso. The most famous brew is their French Super Blue Lavender Tea. And, they also have 12 coffee flavors to choose from.

The Patio Desserts and Drinks is owned by Bank Atchawaran, a Thai restaurant owner famous for its Chada Thai and Wine, and Chada Street. The Patio with its botanical garden themed ambiance opened in late April 2017. 


Coconut Cake

The Patio’s Coconut Cake will make you go loco with coco. Its chiffon is infused with soft coconut water, which goes very well with the coconut milk cream and young coconut meat frosting on top.

You can also check its upgraded version out, The Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter cake.

Over the Rainbow Mille Crepe Cake

Let the rainbow touch your palate with this crepe cake. You can enjoy a slice with a drizzle of Lavender cream sauce on top. The Rainbow Cake is studded with fresh berries, which creates a picture-perfect effect on its rainbow layers.

Dark Forest Chocolate Cake

Layers of chocolate, and dark chocolate ganache with seasonal berries on top, isn’t this delightful? It is super-moist, and it melts in your mouth. Always leave a room for chocolates, whatever form it may be.

Matcha Red Bean Cake

This cake is the perfect representation of Asian desserts— light, airy, and subtle sweetness. The sweetness of the red bean paste stabilizes the savory taste of the matcha sponge. Also, it has whole red beans with it’s filling, which adds crisp to the cake.

Thai Tea Cake

Join this milk tea bandwagon, try a slice of The Patio’s Thai Tea Cake for only $5.95. You can get to enjoy the free Thai cream sauce as you drizzle it on top of the edible flowers. Everybody in the town’s talking about this cake craze.

If you plan to order The Patio whole cakes, you must have them booked two days before delivery or pickup.

Specialty Drinks

Tropical Paradise Iced Tea

Tropical Paradise is extracted from the excellent selection of organic green tea leaves. It is infused with exotic fruits and is shaken to perfection. Not to mention the rosemary stalk for aroma on top.

Chrysanthemum Flower Tea

If you are looking for a unique tea shot experience, try this one. Vibrant chrysanthemums frozen in ice cubes and a beaker with freshly brewed tea on the side creates a picture-perfect combo. Drink like a queen as the flowers float on your tea.

Blue Pea Series

Feeling blue? Have a boost of The Patio’s Blue Pea Series. Blue Pea Milk

The blue pea extract and milk create a gradient effect. You will feel the silky smooth Leche in every sip. Also, it has chewy bubble pearls for an added milky experience.

Blue Pea Lemonade

Lemonades alone have packed goodness for our bodies. However, The Patio can not get enough. They added a blue pea flower that has anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and immunity booster properties. Just pour your classic lemonade on the blue pea flavored ice, and your good to go.

Butterfly Pea Coconut

Time for rehydration! This drink is perfect for summer days. It will quench your thirst while keeping you healthy at the same time. You can also have a chew of coconut meat at the bottom.

Signature Honey Toast

Classic Honey Toast

Upon hearing the word “classic,” most people think of it as old and dull. Who says it can’t be fun? The Patio brings you a whole new level of greatness with its classic honey toast. It’s got our all-time favorite vanilla ice cream, sliced strawberries, and bananas with a beaker of sweet honey.

Afternoon Tea

Having toast for breakfast is good, but having it as a dessert is even better. Spice up your snacking experience with the Signature Honey Toast Afternoon Tea. The simple bread is turned into an edible bowl of yumminess topped with Earl-grey tea ice cream, fresh pineapples, mangoes, and graham crumbs.

Very Berry

As its name suggests, it’s very berry. An overflowing mixture of sweet and sour flavor playing with your tastebuds. A raspberry ice cream partnered with choco-coated strawberry, fresh blackberries, and a drizzle of berry coulis is equal to a lovely berry overload.

Zen Garden

Hungry? Grab a so-matcha sweet toast. The Zen Garden is filled with everything a matcha lover is looking for. Here’s a smooth play of flavors in your tongue with the Japanese classic matcha ice cream paired with sweetened red bean, KitKat sticks, matcha sponge cake, and colorful edible flowers perfect for your garden.


Chocolate never goes out of style. It’s not fantastic; it’s chocotastic! A toast topped with chocolate ice cream, bits of Ferrero rocher chocolates, a generous amount of Nutella spread, banana slices to balance the sweetness and sprinkles of marshmallows.

Bangkok Road

This mouthwatering dessert will travel you to the streets of Bangkok on your first bite. Shades of yellow and orange play in this delectable toast. It is a combination of scoops of Thai Tea ice cream drizzled with Thai Tea sauce on the side. Dashes of nata de coco and coffee jelly are also visible on top.


5255 S. Decatur Blvd. Suite 107

Las Vegas, Nevada


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12pm-10pm daily

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