Hexx Chocolate: Super Natural

Authentically satisfying would best describe the chocolatey concoctions at Hexx Chocolate, located at the heart of The Strip at Paris Las Vegas. If you are keen on tasting artisan chocolates, you don’t have to go abroad to have them. HEXX Chocolate can serve it up for you. 

Staying True to Their Roots

All the chocolates sold in the store are grown on location so that the flavors will remain true to their roots. Hence, their bean-to-bar concept. It has allowed the product to show its raw beauty in a place where all seems audacious and superficial. HEXX Chocolate goes beyond that to bring chocolate to a whole new level of consciousness. 

HEXX’s products are a brand of their own. Take their dark chocolate, for example. It has only two ingredients – cacao beans and organic palm sugar. Their milk chocolate formula is also simple and straightforward – cacao beans, palm sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, and vanilla beans. Their goal? To make their customers know the natural taste of chocolates, without additives. Their shop offers a wide assortment of dark and milk chocolates lining their display. Collect chocolates from around the world from their display labeled by country and harvest date. 

Signature “Confexxions”

What sets apart HEXX from other chocolate brands is how they have beautifully blended international chocolates with local flavors. Chef and Head Chocolatier Matthew Silverman and Executive Chef Matthew Piekarski sourced their cacao beans from the best farms in Central and South America and Africa, so you don’t have to make that trip to satisfy your craving. 

The XX in their brand name is more than just a marketing tactic. It represents their signature “confexxions” – the cacao beans, which are located 20 degrees above and below the equator. Once you buy a product from them, you would see chocolate in a new light as you learn more about the farm the raw material was sourced from. When you dine in their restaurant, you would see that chocolate is the core of all their cuisines and flavors. After each meal, guests would receive a petit four, including their signature chocolates. It serves as an invitation for guests to know the chocolate story behind each confection that made HEXX Chocolate stand out from the rest. 

As the founders of HEXX, Silverman and Piekarski make sure that they also offer untold stories of cacao farmers, so their customers can savor the chocolate with a renewed perspective. And that is what makes a brand genuinely made in Vegas. Taste their wonderful flavors by heading to Paris S Las Vegas Blvd. or you can reserve a table ahead by calling +1 702-331-5551.


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