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Colorful Donuts

For years, donuts have been part of our ultimate comfort food. All thanks to Hanson Gregory, who was said to have created this ring-shaped cake. Indeed, these little pieces of happiness in a cake can complete one’s day. Are you in the mood for some soft and sweet treat? Friendly Donut House got you covered. Head over to Friendly Donut House to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

About Friendly Donut House

Having a sweet tooth can be a struggle, especially if you want to buy every delicious goodie, you see. The cravings for a sugar-packed food intensifies in every corner of a dessert shop. But who are we to complain? We are just soft-hearted beings that like to satisfy our sweet cravings.

Speaking of soft and sweet, a crowd favorite in Henderson, Nevada, is a local donut shop that can satisfy their customers’ sweet tooth for years. Standing proudly at 856 South Boulder Hwy, Henderson, Nevada is Friendly Donut House. It is a family-owned pastry shop that serves freshly made donuts, coffee, and beverages every day. 

Friendly takes pride in the wide variety of flavors and choices their products have. Operating as early as 4 am every day, and 6 am on Sundays, Friendly’s has become a part of Nevada’s everyday routine.

Picking up a donut for breakfast and coffee before heading to work? They got their patronizers covered. Any time of the day, even a late donut snack will be served to you fresh. 

Shop Setup

They have been voted best of Las Vegas by RJ Poll and is the top preferred local donut shop by the people. This place is visited by locals and tourists to get their daily dose of donuts and essential sweets. It is also an excellent place to chill and bond with friends over coffee and donuts. 

Aside from serving high quality and delicious donuts, they also has a nice ambiance. A place with a clean and small interior, few table arrangements, and memorabilia hang on the wall. This small yet cozy place is perfect for an afternoon chill or quick breakfast run. 

Serving old-fashioned and classic donuts, they only accept cash payments. 


Friendly House Donut ensures that their donuts and other products are freshly made every day. They specialize in offering a wide range of flavors and types of pastry, from old-fashioned donuts, classics, fritters, cake donuts, and beverages. 

Their donuts are best partnered with cold milk, coffee, or tea available in the shop. There are no limitations with how many you can finish; just make sure to check on your sugar level. 


Friendly Donut House is famous for its delicious apple fritters. Almost all of its customers deem it the best one in town. With the perfect combination of crisp and softness, this beloved classic pastry from Friendly Donut House is a must-try.

Just the right amount of apples, cinnamon, sugar, and soft dough baked to goodness is why customers keep coming back for it. Friendly’s apple fritters is a top recommended product.

Cake Donuts

Cake donuts are slightly similar to the classic one but with baking powder. The texture of cake donuts are usually dense, and it weighs more than yeast donuts. One of their remarkable cake donuts and is also a crowd favorite is the blueberry donuts. The right sweetness and tang from the blueberries give this variety the extra deliciousness.

Yeast-raised Donuts

The old-fashioned and classic donuts that everybody loves. From the plain glazed donut to the ones filled with cream cheese and chocolate, Friendly Donut House got it all. 

Each donut flavor offers its own uniqueness and delight to customers. Some of the must-try from this variety is their Boston, old-fashioned glazed, bear claw, and buttercream donuts. These favorites often leave customers in awe and lead them to request for another one.

Coffee and beverages

Coffee, milk, and tea are also available in the Friendly Donut House. Their pastries are best partnered with these beverages that can also be taken on the go. They serve decent coffee and cold milk to bring out the best in every bite of their soft and sweet donuts.


Friendly Donut House is currently accepting orders for pick up given the pandemic situation. Give the shop a heads up or a call to reserve your orders which you can pick up quickly and safely. Just check the contact details below for information.



Friendly Donut House 

856 S Boulder Hwy, Henderson, NV 89015, United States

Henderson Shopping Village



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