POPPED: 20 Amazing Different Popcorn Flavors

POPPED is a US-based, privately owned, single location business in Las Vegas, NV. Olivier Morowati, Zelma Hulet and Jean-Francois Chavanel established it in July of 2011. The Trio met at work at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant at Paris Las Vegas. They decided to put up a business together.

After three years of running a successful business operation at 9480 S. Eastern Ave., the company opened their second establishment at 3700 S. Hualapai Way, located in the southwestern part of Vegas on July 28, 2014.

20 Amazing Different Popcorn Flavors Available at POPPED

Popped has savory, chocolate and caramel flavors.

The company boasts of its 20 flavor offerings on the average on a daily basis. These include Marilyn, kettle corn drizzled with white chocolate and coconut flakes and Pink’adelic which is a caramel based popcorn covered with Pop Rocks, and Nerds. They also include savory flavors like the chicken-wing with a tagline, “Keeping it Kosha”, a Buffalo Hot&Ranch and Dilly Pickle inspired taste.

Morowati, one of the business owner’s also stated, “Everything has a play on something we’ve tasted. We develop that flavor onto our popcorn and we’re always adding new flavors. We want to reinvent the American classic.”

In addition to the company’s growing popularity and achievement, POPPED made the hot Las Vegas summers a bit easy to cope with by offering a frozen popcorn, doused with liquid nitrogen.

What Others Think of POPPED Popcorn

National Popcorn Day lets you guess the popcorn flavors.

Marc Longwith, a co-owner of Fremont Street’s Banger Brewing brought the product into his establishment in its opening after hearing about POPPED from a friend and here’s what he had to say: “The quality of the corn that they use, as well as the ingredients, are top-notch.

Olivier doesn’t skimp on anything that goes into his products and he understands food and flavors. We both have restaurant backgrounds and have worked for some of the best chefs in the world. You can’t fake that type of experience when it comes to food and creating recipes.”

Fusion of Classic and Unique Flavors Making it Delicious

Ashley Mastowski, a co-owner of Gimme Some Sugar, a Henderson-based bakery knew that she wanted to sell and use the popcorn as garnishing on desserts at the moment when she first had a sample of POPPED and here’s what she had to say: “There were a lot of similar elements we really respected and loved about them that our own business modeled. Gourmet popcorn with both classic and unique flavors using quality ingredients; it’s delicious.”

Aside from selling its products to various places where people could eat and buy snacks, POPPED also gives special pricing to retailers, processes corporate orders, offers discount codes, and caters events.

So, if you are a foodie who’s looking for a fun and exciting treat to enjoy while watching a movie or whether you are looking for a good business to franchise or include popcorn in your recipe, POPPED Las Vegas is the spot for you.

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