Foodie Fit: Customized Food Delivery Services

Andrew from Foodie Fit guesting at KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas talking about healthy eating options

Foodie Fit is a US-based, meal prep company founded by Bo Vu (Co-Founder at Chef innovation) which provides Food Delivery Services, Do-It-Yourself Food, and Health Marketing with 2 branches located in Las Vegas and one in Henderson, Nevada.

The Company offers the best variety with a wide range of choices compared to its competitors and specializes in serving people from all walks of life which includes stay-at-home moms, service industry workers, executives, and athletes.

Foodie Fit’s services also include:

  1. Free Consultation
    Yes! You got that right. The company employs the services of a health coach to assist and ensure that your personal fitness goals and nutrition are met and it is absolutely for free!
  2. A Variety of Chef made meals
    The menu is inclusive of a wide selection of Mediterranean, Mexican, Latin, Italian, Vietnamese-American fusion dishes, and Comfort foods without jeopardizing the quality of nutrition that you need.
  3. Grab-and-go
    Foodie Fit’s storefront at 2185 E Windmill Ln Suite #100 Las Vegas, NV offers a grab-and-go service. In case you missed to process an order online, you can simply drop by and grab any kind of healthy snacks or food choices that are available.

Foodie Taste, Fit Results

A Foodie Fit package

Aside from the fact that Foodie Fit offers a wide range of healthy meal options with a free consultation as an extra, it’s great to know that they made their services available Monday to Sunday from 8 AM to 8 PM.

It’s amazing to know that the company started its operations not too long ago, but it already has a lot of clients and it has shown steady growth in terms of popularity.

Foodie Fit Reviews

My friend took me to this spot and everything was on point! Amazing selection, great customer service. Product knowledge which is my big thing. I couldn’t be happier with the food. They also do a ton of community outreach that warms my soul while I’m filling my belly. Ask for Alex, he’s convivial and hilarious!

-Nicholas L on August 22, 2018

This place is awesome!!

I love that there is an option to go in and readily grab cooked and prepared boxes of meals, as well as ordering online. The food is so delicious and the quality is incredible.

-Samiha G. on June 8, 2018

Yummy, natural, perfectly portioned meals, macro friendly. This place is a godsend.

I rely on these meals every week for lunch and dinner. They’re the perfect supplement to a healthy lifestyle and they save you so much time in the kitchen. Also, they give you more time with your honey once you come home from work (added bonus).

-Amber Y. on December 27, 2017

Having all these things mentioned and considering what most of its customers had to say in the review, Foodie Fit is definitely a great place for people to eat good, healthy, and nutritious food while staying fit.

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