Nectar Bath Treats: Remarkable Sweet Treats for the Bath & Body


A bubble bath that looks like ice cream
Nectar Bath Treats’ Bubble Bath that looks like an ice cream

Extraordinary Products. Exceptional Employees. Happy Customers! That is what Nectar Bath Treats is all about. They offer remarkable sweet treats for the bath & body that are handmade in Las Vegas. Employees rave about the company and you can feel that there is so much love among them.

Their soap confections are exceptional that they built a loyal clientele that keeps on buying their favorite soap items and still trying a new product.

The products in Nectar Bath Treats are extraordinary. They are pleasing to the eye that gives delight to every customer. Their soaps are not just cute but they leave exfoliation to the skin.

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Nectar Bath Treats is not your typical company. They give value to what they stand for:

  • Integrity – Do what is right even when no one is looking.
  • Friendship – Teamwork, sacrifice, and compassion for each other.
  • Respect – Treat others and yourself with dignity and care.
  • Giving Back – Going above and beyond to give back to our employees, customers, and communities.
Nectar Bath Treats' employees know how to make fun
A Nectar experience means having FUN
  • The Wow! – Creating the WOW effect through outstanding products, service, and experience.
  • Passion – When you love your work, you’ll never work a day in your life.
  • Humility – Understanding that we all have an equally important role to play.
  • Fun – No Nectar experience would be complete without some FUN! They love adding a little fun to their customers’ lives.

Customize It

Nectar Bath Treat's Customized Whipped Body Butter
Customizing a whipped body butter

Personalizing something is what’s hot these days. This is common in packaging and food items. But do you know that you can customize your soap? Yes, this is possible in Nectar Bath Treats. There is a high demand for this that is why they have a two-week lead time for delivery. This is a product that is uniquely yours.

Explore their 360° Virtual Tour

Nectar Bath Treats creates each item using the highest quality ingredients that are safe, sustainable, cruelty-free and natural. It is truly a unique and captivating experience once you step into the store. You cannot leave without buying anything.

The soap products look appetizing and smell delicious. These handmade soaps that are amusing to the eyes are also amazing on the skin. True to their name, they are indeed bath treats.




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