Dot Vegas, Inc: A True Vegas Identity

You’ve heard of .com, and .net, but did you know Las Vegas has its very own domain name extension called Dot Vegas (.vegas)? Now you can buy, or, or any available custom domain ending in .vegas. If your market is anywhere in the greater Las Vegas area, you now hold a better option than a .com in showing that your brand is local and appealing to your target market.

Although .com is well-known, it does nothing to localize your brand identity to the local market. Same goes for other common TLDs like .biz and .net.

Make the move and adopt a .Vegas domain. Photo Courtesy of Dot Vegas, Inc.’s Facebook account.

The People Behind .Vegas

While .com and other TLDs are controlled by organizations outside of Vegas, Dot Vegas, Inc. are locals. Being locals, they care about the local community and giving back to it. Dustin Trevino (CEO) and Tyson Mackay (President) designed the company’s business model around giving back to the local community.

In fact, giving back occurs almost every time someone buys a .vegas domain. Indeed, their first check to the City of Las Vegas was $70,000. When you buy a .vegas domain you are directly supporting the local community, and this give-back recurs every year when the domain is renewed.

A check of $70,000 was given to the City of Las Vegas as a share of the revenue from the sale of .Vegas domain. Photo Courtesy of Dot Vegas, Inc’s Facebook account.

How .Vegas Came to Be

The people behind Dot Vegas, Inc. spent years petitioning to allow for .vegas to be an official domain name extension on the World Wide Web. To be specific, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) only gave the approval to put the vibrant city on the Internet map after five years. As a result, Las Vegas was able to join New York (.NYC), Boston (.Boston), and Miami (.Miami) in the exclusive list of cities that ICANN gave such approval. The hard work paid off, and now the .vegas extension is officially part of the World Wide Web. It is a specific yet globally-recognized domain that is now available for registration, and has been since September 15, 2014.

A True Vegas Identity

.Com, .net and all the other domain extensions are owned by entities outside of Las Vegas. Furthermore, they are not local like .vegas is. Albeit .vegas is still a small fish in a big pond of .com, the efforts of Dot Vegas, Inc. to promote the use of .vegas has not faltered. Currently, there are 20,000 entities that purchased .vegas already, and more entities are adding to this figure every day.

So, if you’re unsure about using .vegas because you think you might be the only one to use it, don’t be! You are not alone. Many local civic organizations use .vegas. Some of them are the City of Las Vegas, Goodwill of Southern Nevada and Clark County School district There are also small businesses that chose to use the domain as they saw it as a great opportunity to show their true vegas identity.

Additionally, a lot of local entities support the use of .vegas. This includes the City of Las Vegas, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, the Nevada Development Authority, the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, the former Mayor of the City of North Las Vegas, and two former Nevada governors.

So, really, you are not alone in using .vegas. Many small local businesses, bloggers, entrepreneurs, podcasters, and civic organizations are promoting their localization with a .vegas website right now.

The Las Vegas Business Press has been using
since 2016. Photo Courtesy of Dot Vegas, Inc’s Facebook account.

Ready to Join the .Vegas Family?

If you use a 702 code in your phone number to show that you are local, then use a .vegas instead of .com domain name. Be a proud local by using a domain name that shows your true Vegas identity.

Their website,, contains the roster of registrars that offer the .vegas TLD. Some of them are GoDaddy, Network Solution, and Namecheap. Obtaining a .vegas domain is both easy and affordable, and only takes a few minutes.

Dot Vegas

Owning a .vegas domain is like owning a piece of Vegas itself. Ready to join the .vegas family? Dot Vegas, Inc. assures that its lights are always on for you! Rest assured, the .vegas domain name is available and accessible to everyone who wants to be part of the .vegas family.

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