Coolcat Spy Gadgets: Protection, Surveillance and Everything in Between

Coolcat Spy Gadgets

Everybody needs something to make sure they are protected from any form of harm. These threats may come as an attack or even a predator on the lookout to take something that is rightfully yours. CoolCat Spy Gadgets answers the public’s needs for protective tools and devices.

CoolCat Spy Gadgets caters to both big businesses and individuals by working with them to make sure any personal property is safe. The company is the leading legal provider of the said products and addresses the need of the public for peace of mind. 


With 82% of the society turning out as victims from various violent crimes throughout their lifetime, keeping yourself protected is but a need. To add to this percentage, 3 out of 4 women become victims of crime in their lifetime.

Among the many forms of violence, rape or sexual assault and violent assault or battering are the typical kinds. Every hour, 16 women lay as victims of rape, and every year, 3 to 4 million women are battered by either their spouses or even other people. These are the reasons why protection is very essential today.

Quick Draw Magnet

CoolCat Spy Gadgets offers quick draw magnets that can be easily used with handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Its two grommet points make installation smooth and can support approximately 10 pounds of weight.

Burglar Cloak Val V5

Burglar Cloak Val V5, also known as SmokeCloak Vali V5, works best in protecting small rooms like that which contain PC equipment, flat screens, and essential documents or stores with safes, IT equipment, and luxury items like perfume and jewelry. 

At any time where the SmokeCloak Vali V5 detects an infiltration, it instantly distributes fog and fires explosively. The alarm system retains the dry and dense fog characteristics, providing long-lasting protection.

Burglar Tripline

A home alarm system is never enough to secure one’s safety. With the burglar tripline, the intruder will surely flee in a matter of seconds. The burglar tripline releases 4 ounces of irritating pepper spray aerosol.

Loud noise as a form of protection can be strengthened further by this security device. With its easy installation, the burglar tripline remains unmatched by any alarm system. The method must not be used in aircraft or automobiles.

Nickel Cuffs

The double-locking nickel-plated handcuffs are both sturdy and dependable. The cuffs also have wielded links for better protection. With its double locking feature, the owner can lock the cuffs down to prevent the detainee from closing it too tight on the wrist. The size comes as the standard in the police.


High-End Key FOB DVR with Leather Strap

The key FOB is assisted by night vision and motion activation. The mini camera recorder has a sleek, metallic design. The camcorder’s keyring is also attached to a leather strap, as it comes lightweight for a comfortable carrying experience.

The key FOB’s features include its support for a 32 gigabyte SD card, 12.0 megapixels, USB connection, and a high-definition display of video quality.

Olympus Digital Voice Recorder

Olympus Digital Voice Recorder has up to 4 gigabytes of internal memory, 16,000 recording hours, and 100 hours of battery life. The device is also compatible with up to 32 gigabytes of micro SD, providing longer recording sessions.

Olympus Digital Voice Recorder has a portable USB cable so that the user can transfer the recorded files into a laptop. The device has a low-noise microphone that produces high-quality audio recordings in both MP3 and WMA formats. 

Coat Hook Cam

Coat Hook Cam is a high definition camera clothes hanger. Its primary function is to act as a surveillance spy that records both audio and video. The spy camera also includes motion detection recording in its features, with a virtually undetectable pinhole lens.

The surveillance device functions fully as a wall mount clothes hanger. It comes in black, and can save videos with 720 * 480 30FPS quality to the camera’s SD card.

Listening Devices

Digital PI Pen

Also known as Memo Q, the DIgital PI Pen provides 13 hours of non-stop recording, with 33 hours of standby. The device will begin to record upon clicking the pocket clip. After registering, the owner can listen to it either through the included earphones or by transferring the files to any Windows computer with the provided USB cable.

The device secures crisp and clear sound quality, even in soft voices or distant sources. The Memo Q still functions as a pen despite its hidden features.

Parabolic Mic System

The Parabolic Mic System allows the user to hear a conversation as far as 300 meters away. It can be set up in a tripod as an extension and can be stored with a hard carrying case to make it easier when traveling.

The system has six panels that are assembled to create a parabolic dish. To focus on a particular sound within the area, point the microphone in the desired direction. The device can acquire power from 2 AAA batteries that will last as much as 100 hours.

Super Ear

Super Ear hears 50 decibels of sound gain, whether indoor or outdoor. The device fits perfectly in any pocket, but can also be attached to different gears such as binoculars, hat, or belt. The amplifier sits in a 180-degree sound boom, with a protective foam as its cover.

Stereo headphones can also be connected to the device to attain crisp and clear sound listening. Accessories like AAA batteries, velcro strips, mounting clip, and stainless steel clip for pocket belts come with the item.

Circular Clock Cam

The Circular Clock Cam comes with high-grade stainless steel and a time/date stamp function. The device automatically saves videos after thirty minutes and records again. The right button in the camera enables manual video recording, while the left button is for motion detection video recording.

The listening device has a stylish and sleek-looking design. Its appearance makes it suitable for any home or office as a decor.

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