Terra Firma Organics: The New King of Las Vegas Compost

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The world is continuously changing. As people realize that each of their actions creates a ripple effect on nature, they become more conscious. Most of us switch to Eco-friendly practices to make our environment more sustainable for the next generations. Moreover, businesses ensure that their existence will not be a threat to the ecosystem.

Terra Firma Organics made a win-win step towards the preservation of the Earth. By taking organic waste such as trees, shrubs, lawn clippings, and other biodegradable materials, the company produces organic fertilizer. Because of this practice, we can lessen the waste from our landfills and turn them into something that improves our environment and reduces pollution.

About Terra Firma

Terra Firma Organics is a compost company located in Wyoming and Las Vegas, Nevada. However, it first started its operation in Jackson, Wyoming, in 2006. In 2015, the owner of Terra Firma decided to expand its business, so he went to Nevada.

 In Las Vegas alone, the company spares thousands of tons of organic wastes every year and converts them into premium quality compost. Casinos also contribute to this eco-movement by giving bedding mixed with horse manure.

Terra Firma proudly proclaims that they used the latest technology and went through rigorous research for their products. They are investing in advanced technologies to maintain the quality of their produce. This compost company owns one of the most massive wood grinders they utilize in Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana for large and small projects. The company’s said equipment is best known for its speed and efficiency.

Today, the compost company innovates by going beyond waste recycling and landscaping products. They also provide a low impact soil solution, which lessens the possibility of erosion. Also, Terra Firma now offers high quality engineered topsoils for building projects in Nevada.

The biggest challenge that Terra Firma Organics faces is its market. They have a hard time convincing people to see the importance of organic waste fertilizers. However, this reason can’t stop the company from going.

Terra Firma Organics wants to grow bigger. Each year they are seeking new horizons to innovate. Through this, they believe that they are doing a platform for people to see the importance of supporting organic waste recycling.

Terra Firma Products

Shablasm Mulch

Shablasm Mulch is made from 100% locally recycled branches, logs, and trees. The company gets its recycled tree cuttings from their local landscapers, beetle-killed trees, and homeowners who wish to participate in this eco-friendly business.

Using their heavy-duty grinder, they shred these trees into pieces. After this process, the trees are then aged and broken down into Mulch. This product can provide excellent texture and hue to your landscaping project.

An interesting fact about Mulch is that it provides an ideal environment for worms. We often spot these creatures in the soil, but we don’t clearly understand their work. They aerate the ground through creating tunnels that bring the needed oxygen to the roots of the plant. 

You can ensure that you get the best product at a reasonable price. Shablasm Mulch comes in a package of sack and bag with a varying price range. You can choose from Chocolate Brown colored Mulch that costs $6.25 up to a $15.75 20-pound bag of GroundSmart Rubber Playground Mulch.

O Horizon Topsoil

O Horizon Topsoil is best for low spots in lawns, flower and vegetable gardens. It helps the soil to lessen its pH level and enhance its organic matter. By adding O Horizon Topsoil on your land, you are helping your plants to thrive better. 

Here are the reasons why Terra Firma Organics prove that their topsoil is uniquely different from other brands. Firstly, the materials are sieved cautiously to remove rocks properly. Where there are rocks, no roots could thrive. 

Secondly, the soil found in Wyoming is typically subsoils with low organic composition. Some disguise it into the topsoil and sell it in the market, deceiving consumers. Terra Firma Organics opposes this idea.

Therefore, the company assures the customers that their product is 100% topsoil. It also received numerous test results from accredited soil laboratories proving its authenticity.

This topsoil varies in price according to the quality and specifications you need. The cheapest organic topsoil starts from $5.95, while the premium grade costs $8.10 per bag.

Pure Element Compost

Pure Element Compost is a locally recycled organic waste—trees, shrubs, branches, lawn clippings. This compost has undergone a 2-year process for perfection. Terra Firma ensures that the fertilizer receives the right amount of heat, moisture, oxygen, and carbon levels to maintain its quality.

This kind of compost must be blended with the existing soil. It helps increase organic matter, which increases water holding capacity. Also, it promotes good microbes to thrive. Microbes facilitate the growth of your plant.

The matters used for this compost were sourced from all over Jackson Hole. The company only offers this compost in Wyoming. However, there is one similar to this in their Nevada branch, the EcoGro Compost. 

It helps the soil retain up to 50% more water composition as compared to traditional composts. Pure element compost can be sold in bags with prices that start from $4.25 and rockets up to $8.00 depending on quality.

Terra Firma Sustainability Series

They are facilitating various community events to further introduce the company’s eco-movement and existence to the people. In their sustainability events, they are educating the residents on the importance of the Reduce Reuse Recycle and Compost (RRRC). Also, they tackle the ditching of plastic straws and how it can benefit the Earth. The company explains what its mission and goals for the environment are. 

Contact Details

Las Vegas Facility

Address: 5355 Beesley Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89115

Contact Number: Phone 702-643-2214 | Fax 702-643-2215

Wyoming Facility

Address: 5400 US-89, Jackson, WY 83001

Contact Number: 307-732-2794


[email protected] | [email protected]

Operation Hours

Winter: October 1 to March 31: Monday- Friday 6 AM-2:30 PM

Summer: April 1 to September 30: Monday-Friday 6 AM-4 PM


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