Nature’s Lab: Achieving a Better Quality of Life

One of the most precious things that people take care of is their health. It is the intangible asset of every human being that has the power to make or break them. We invest so much in our health that we only choose products that guarantee the wellbeing and improvement of our system. With the multiple and diverse products available in the market, it is hard to distinguish what is the most reliable and would surely be beneficial to us.

Every person has their standards on what properties and ingredients medical supplements need to have to satisfy their needs. That is why it is essential to choose only the best and would bring all the good to your system. With Nature’s Lab substantial research and technology, you can ensure that you only get the best quality products.

About Nature’s Lab

Nature’s Lab is a nutraceutical manufacturing company by DrVita Incorporated based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Nature’s Lab turns quality raw materials into vitamins and supplements that aim to help people with their health needs. With their cutting-edge technologies, scientific studies, and premium quality raw materials, you are assured that Nature’s Lab products you acquire are best.

The birth of the company started with their CEO and Founder Wayne Gorsek, who developed a passion for nutrition and health at a young age when his grandparents began to show poor health conditions. Over the years, he developed his love for the field and manifested it into a corporation, popularly known today as DrVita Incorporation.

Since the founding of the corporation in 2011, DrVita, along with the brands it presents, it has been producing quality products to aid human life. The brand utilizes the latest studies in science and technology. Combining it with uncompromised raw materials; consumers rest assured that the products they get will never disappoint them.

The organization takes pride in the people that make up the whole brand. The team who work on the development and processing of the products were carefully chosen based on their knowledge and expertise in the business. They are the critical assets that make up the entirety of the company and are responsible for the quality products it delivers to the consumers. 

Nature’s Lab Quality Story

The principal objective of Nature’s Lab is to bring forth quality products that would impart positive results on people’s health. Their goal is to offer outputs that will satisfy and exceed their consumers’ standards by effectively using expertise, modern scientific developments, technologies, and raw materials. They are committed to setting the bar high in manufacturing health supplements. Every content and product that comes in and out of the facility is thoroughly checked to pass quality assurance and control.


The group of people that bring together Nature’s Lab are experts in the medical and scientific fields. They are composed of well-qualified pharmacists, microbiologists, chemists, PhDs, and quality assurance specialists that work together to live up the brand’s objective. 

Raw Materials

Materials that are shipped into the facility go through several pathogen testing to ensure that the development processes are not tampered by any external factor. The quality of every raw material is also checked multiple times to validate its authenticity and identity.


Nature’s Lab makes sure to use modern technologies in testing and ensuring the quality of every product. They use the Agilent 7900 ICP-MS that is highly sensitive to detect harmful elements such as mercury, lead, aluminum, and cadmium that may have mixed in the product or raw materials. They utilize CAMAG High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromotography (HTLC) and FTIR Analysis to confirm and establish raw materials’ identity and if it can pass their high-quality standards. Bulk Density Testing is used to measure the compressibility of the supplements; this aids in minimizing waste and benefits the consumers’ pockets.


Sold by Nature’s Lab

Numerous scientific studies have shown many benefits people can obtain from taking multivitamins daily. It boosts up your immune system, preventing diseases from penetrating your bodies and harming you easily. The global changes that are happening in the environment contribute and impact the food you take, so nutrients you get from food are not as potent as it is before. With this dilemma, Nature’s Lab pioneers the creation of superior products to enable you to get the right nutritional content your body requires.

Nature’s Lab offers 44 different products ranging from immune-boosting needs, multivitamins, and dietary supplements. The wide variety of products you can choose from allows you to find the things that will satisfy your medical necessities. Nature’s Lab ensures only to use high-quality raw materials and processes that undergo numerous testing to yield caliber products. Organic, GMO-free, HALAL certified, gluten-free, and cost-effective are some of the significant characteristics of Nature’s Lab products. This diversification will please your meticulous standards in finding the right supplements that you want.

Sold By Costco

If you are looking for Nature’s Lab products at a low warehouse cost, visit your nearest Costco. Offering bundles and convenient shopping of your Nature’s Lab needs, Costco caters members to avail products that are only available in their warehouse. Convenience and significant savings can be obtained when availing Nature’s Lab products at Costco, without compromising quality.


Animals are regarded as life companions; they exceed and provide you affection that cannot be compared to anything. That is why Nature’s Lab listens and aims to better their situations. Aside from improving the lives of their owners, Nature’s Lab is catering to the needs of both people and animals. Pet supplements are developed by a team of experts to refine the living experience of your furry friends. Show them that they are valued and loved by supplying the best pet supplements their delicate system needs.

Customer Service

Business hours are Monday-Friday 10 am-5 pm Pacific Time

Contact Details

Call: (888) 793-0351

Text: (503) 300-5048

Email: [email protected]


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