Trustifi: The First Federally-approved System of Sending Legal Documents Online

In today’s world of heightened technology, the confidentiality and security of communication is a growing concern. With email as a primary means of communication, especially in the realm of business, this concern is highly evident. In Las Vegas, a software company called Trustifi offers email solutions to settle this concern, aiming to provide true peace of mind among its clients.

The first Federally-approved system of sending legal documents online

Trustifi is a company that provides “a patented Postmarked email system”. The system encrypts, tracks, and confirms the delivery of an email, ensuring the safety, security, and privacy of email communication between a sender and a recipient. With the efficiency of the system, the federal government approved sending legal documents online using it. Mind you, it is the first system to get that approval.

Email is a primary means of communication.

The driving force that keeps Trustifi alive

I don’t know about you, but it’s always important for me to know why an organization exists. I always look for the core belief that keeps an organization going every day because it serves as the anchor to every effort it does on its product or service offerings. It’s what draws me into believing in a product or service, thereby also what draws me into buying it.

In the case of Trustifi, all its core beliefs are already found on its website. But simply put, Trustifi believes that safety must be a standard in electronic mail communications. The company is able to fulfill this by making sure that they are compliant with federal privacy communication standards. It also makes sure that its clients are able to easily implement and use the email system it offers. The result that it aspires for is no other than the statement in the title of this article: true peace of mind.

Email communications are safe and secure when you use Trustifi, a company that provides “a patented Postmarked email system”.

The Benefits of Trusting Trustifi

Trustifi offers email solutions both for individuals and organizations. Some of the main benefits of entrusting your email communications to Trustifi are as follows:

  1. Ease-of-use and email monitoring. All it takes to send a secure email via Trustifi is pressing one button. Additionally, you don’t need to guess whether the recipient was able to receive your email or otherwise. You don’t need to wonder or worry whether your very important email was sent. Trustify will notify you if the recipient received, opened, or read your email.
  2. Guaranteed security of email transactions. Trustifi’s patented postmarked email service is compliant with federal privacy communication laws. This includes the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act), FINRA (Finance Industry Regulatory Authority), GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and more.
  3. Protection from fraud. Trustifi protects its clients against fraud. It screens all incoming emails and authenticates whether it’s legitimate or otherwise. In the case of the latter, Trustifi alerts its clients about it.

Looking to heighten the security of your email communications?

The security, safety, and confidentiality of information are crucial to your success. Make sure that your email communications are safe and secure. Get in touch with Trustifi and look further on how it can help you. Check out their website at

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