Desert Gold Food Company: Your Friendly Neighborhood Food Source

Desert Gold Food Company

Do you often wonder how nice it would be to have every food item you can think of to be in one place? Wonder no more as Desert Gold Food Company has you covered. 

The Company

For more than 40 years, the family-owned, Las Vegas-based company has supplied all kinds of food items from the highest quality seafood, poultry, beef, to frozen fruits and vegetables. They even have desserts, appetizers, condiments, and various sauces. Essentially, anything that one might need in their kitchens. 

The company’s vision is to procure the finest products and distribute them to the people of Las Vegas. They deliver to the people of Primm, Las Vegas Valley, Mesquite, Carson City, Reno, Laughlin, Lake Tahoe, and even Southern California. 

Now owned by Great American Seafood Imports Co, the company continues to provide the same excellent service it has afforded the Las Vegas community. 

A Whole Range of Products

Think of a product and the Desert Gold Food Company. Some of the items they offer include: 

Seafood (Fresh and Frozen)

They carry lobster, shrimp, crab, and a variety of fresh fish. They also have oysters, mussels, and scallops should you have any need to prepare for a special event. 


Desert Gold also carries a variety of meats such as steaks burgers, hotdogs, bacon, sausages, kielbasa, hams, Philly meat, and deli. 


Aside from pork and beef, the company also has chicken products, including wings, IQF breasts, tenders, patties, and roasts. 


If you are looking to add some appetizers for your menu, you can order wellingtons, bacon-wrapped scallops, empanadas, quiche, and satay/skewers from Desert Gold Food Company and they’ll gladly deliver it to your restaurant. 

Bakery and Desserts

Aside from offering appetizers and entrees, Desert Gold also carries products that you might need for your baking needs such as flours, sugar, cake mixes, and even has gluten-free options. If you want ready to serve desserts, they also have cookies, frozen bread, cakes, pies, brownies, danishes, and cinnamon rolls. 

Ethnic and Specialty Food 

Various Las Vegas restaurant offering Mexican, Asian, Italian, and Indian cuisines source their products from the company. Aside from food items, restaurants can also get their dry goods and other food service products such as oil, canned goods, sauces, dressings, seasonings, and breadings, disposables, gloves, and other items essential for running a kitchen. 


Those who prefer to have imported products can find various food items in Desert Gold’s inventory. They can source imported olives, fruits, grains, and spices. 

And if they don’t have it in their inventory, they’d be more than willing to source it for you. For opportunity buys, please visit Desert Gold Food Company’s website:

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