Rainbow Feathers Co: Your Go-To Shop for Custom Feathers

Rainbow Feathers Las Vegas

Ever thought of channeling your inner burlesque after you visit the Burlesque Hall of Fame, but you just can’t find the right feather color that would complete your look? Or, do you want to amp your HerMoola swimsuit with a bright feather boa? Worry no more because Rainbow Feathers Co can produce it for you. 

The Las Vegas-based company is proud to claim that they have all the commercially available feathers that you can think of.

The Feathers of Pride

The company understands that feather is a unique product that can instantly change your look. Their collection of feathers feature standard colors of black, white, red, brown, orange, yellow, purple, green, hot pink, turquoise, and royal blue. And if you have any particular color in mind that are currently not in their collection, you only need to send them a sample, and they’ll do their magic to match your color requirement carefully. 

Most of the feathers they sell are from turkeys, pheasants, and ostriches. One of their featured feathers is the Marabou. They would often have four different feathers from the turkey: the Marabou, marabou tips, fluff, and half downs. Most of the feathers are handpicked to ensure that they remain soft and flexible. Aside from loose marabou feathers, they also carry strung Marabou that is double stitched to maintain its durability. 

Apart from providing the best quality feathers, one of the strengths of Rainbow Feathers Co is their dyeing technique. According to their website, the dyes they use are non-toxic and non-hazardous, and as such, these dyes can quickly transfer if the feathers get wet. 

Costumes for Every Occasion

Rainbow Feathers Co carries many different types and colors of boas to compliment your costume needs. However, aside from selling new and customized feathers for their customers, Rainbow Feathers Co can also refurbish your old costumes to give them new life. 

Other products that may rouse your interest for feathers is the shop’s extensive collection of fans. They also sell Marabou Fans that feature 23 blades that come in distinct rainbow colors. The fans open in 180 degrees and provide four inches of handle for more comfortable use. Peacock Fans are also among their sought after products. You can get peacock fans with 23 blades mixed with marabou feathers for added depth and character. 

Those who need angel wings can also avail from Rainbow Feathers Co. It has an adjustable strap and comes in a wide range of colors. Rainbow Feathers Co also offers feather products for your archery and fishing needs. For orders, you may send an email at [email protected], or you may visit their website: https://rainbowfeatherco.com/ to check out available products that may suit your needs. 

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