Customistic: Customize Your Life

Customistic is a business that manufactures people’s manifestations of their passion. Customers can pick up their customized t-shirts as quickly as twenty minutes upon placing the order. Customistic provides solutions for a business’ marketing, planning an event, product or service advertising, and even needs for a celebration.

The store is open Mondays through Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. The shop has been standing in the industry for fifteen (15) years now and is famous for its guaranteed on-time order completion. Customistic is also proud of its certified professional certified professional employees, ensuring satisfaction to its patrons.

T-shirt Flavored


Available prices shown for shirts are limited to sizes from small to extra large only. Colors are also limited depending on their stock, while other colors can be requested for ten pieces and more with a week of waiting time. Tees, v-necks, raglans, ringers, polo shirts, long sleeves, and tank tops are the options for this category.


Outerwear can come as hoodies, zip-ups, crewnecks, and even caps like flex fits or truckers. Prices for the tops range from $20 to $40, excluding the fee for printing. Flex fits, on the other hand, is available at $14 while truckers are at $9. 

Similar to the shirts, outerwear garments have limited colors in stock. However, it is possible to request other colors, provided that the order exceeds ten items. It can also be picked up after a week.


T-shirts, v-neck, and racerback tank tops are available for this section. Prices are from $8 to $10, still only for the garment and excluding the printing fees. The shirts can be quite small in person, so the store encourages the customer to personally come to the shop and check the sizes before purchasing.

Odds and Ends

Perfect as either gifts or souvenirs for any occasion, odds and ends are also available in Customistic. Two-pocket aprons, neckties, tote bags, and even fleece stadium blankets can be personalized based on your liking. Aprons are available at $10, ties at $13, tote bags for only $6, and fleece stadium blankets can be bought at $20.

Again, the rates are only for the pieces alone. It does not include printing fees yet.  


Customistic also offers pieces for both kids and babies. There are several options to choose from, which can serve as a birthday or christening present. From kids and toddler shirts to bodysuits, and even stuffed animals.

Both shirts for toddlers and kids are at $6. Bodysuits, on the other hand, cost $10, while the 9-inch-tall stuffed animals are at $20.

Own Garments

Customers can also bring in their garments and stuff whenever they want to get it personalized. This may include vanity chairs, tents, and a whole lot more. Rates vary depending on the item and design. 

Sublimation Flavored

Sublimation items have more pieces the customer can choose from. The items can be purchased from a price of $10 to $30. Unlike the shirts, the ordered items take a longer time to be ready, but still very efficient at an hour after placing the order.

Items in this category include coffee mugs, mousepads, can coolers, ceramic tiles, cell phone covers, iPad cases, beer steins, water bottles, travel mugs, wood boxes, and even pet name tags. All pieces are perfect gift ideas, souvenirs, and items you can keep for yourself.

Sign Shop Flavored

Customistic is not only a shop that offers t-shirt printing services and customization. It also provides full services for die-cut pieces of vinyl. The time to complete a project depends on the job that should be done.

Custom Vinyl Decals

Whether it be business signage or a personalized helmet, Customistic can provide it within twenty minutes upon order placement. It has pre-made decals customers can choose from, and it can also make custom ones, depending on your liking.

Car Magnets

For customers who wish to put temporary decals on their vehicle, or for a business who wants to advertise themselves, installing a car magnet is a way to go. You can install the design as quickly as an hour.

Aluminum Signs

These affordable aluminum signs are the best tools to claim your territory or even express your devotion. Upon choosing the design and placing your order, you may pick up the sign from the shop after thirty minutes.

Custom Banners

Customistic has three size options for their banners. These are available in different colors as well. For a custom size, the shop also keeps custom banners by the roll. The item is ready an hour after the order has been made.

License Plates and Frames

Similar to custom banners, license plates and frames customization can be made in as quickly as an hour. There are also three available pre-cut, sewn, and grommeted sizes available in several colors, depending on the items in stock.


Finally, Customistic also offers different accessories in its sign shop. These accessories are useful in helping install, remove, or fix all of the customer’s vinyl decals properly. These items are ready to go. You may bring them home immediately right after placing the order.

How To Place An Order

Pick out your stuff

Choose the item you want to customize, whether it be shirts, caps, mugs, phone cases, pet name tags, or even sublimation. Also, include in this step, the quantity of the item you wish to purchase.

Pick fonts and designs.

After picking out the stuff you want to customize, it is time to pick the font and design you wish to place on it. Staff will be assisting you in choosing the most suitable one for your purpose of buying.

Tell them what you want.

When what you envision is not in the designs presented, you can have a design of your own. It can be done only by telling them what you want to happen, and they will immediately work on it for you.

Settle the payment

With the items chosen and the design completed, the next step is to pay the fees, which include the price of the product plus the printing fees. After settling the payment, the team will start working on the order.

Wait for 20 minutes

Twenty minutes is the time it takes to complete the order for the shirts. For sublimation and sign shop items, however, the time may vary. Refer to the previous sections to see how long each order is made. 

Pick your stuff

Go back to the shop to claim your order. Customistic stands by its promise of delivering its customers good quality service that will make any customized item last a long time.


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