Las Vegas Oddities: Weirdest Shoppe in Vegas

Are you fond of spells and witchcrafts like Hermione Granger’s wingardium leviosa? If you have a passion for horror films, art, death, rituals, and macabre, this shop is a must for you to visit.

About Las Vegas Oddities

Las Vegas Oddities was established in 2017. This downtown shop is best known as the “store for weirdos and witches”. You can’t say that you have already discovered the dark side of Sin City unless you visit this store.

This shop sells herbs, antique medical devices, tarot cards, and books as well as, wet preserves, rogue taxidermy, crystals, occult items, and anything else that can be deemed strange.

At first, Oddities were only selling antiques. However, the moment the store changed owners, and the offerings shifted to weird and obscure items. Oddities seem like a museum since it contains unique and peculiar things from across the globe. 

A fine arts graduate owns this shop, Vanessa VanAlstyne. VanAlstyne wanted to introduce art to people, however in a distinct way. She believes that everything she sells inside the shop is an art and belongs to art.

Be one of the real blooded Wizards and Witches

Believe it or not, Oddities have gone deeper. They also preach what they sell. In other words, they offer classes on how to do rituals and witchcraft. These classes are regular. 

Recently, the shop held a Lunar Eclipse and Blood Moon Ritual. They have crafting classes from which students learn traditional witchcraft recipes. If you are interested in being one, you can browse their on sale spell books, and start reading them.

Hidden History

Little did everyone know that this not-so-normal store has an untold story. Years ago, the place where the store is in right now was formerly Floyd Armstrong’s emporium. He was a businessman who died from a heart attack in his emporium, now the Oddities. He died, particularly in the bathroom.

Armstrong’s life was his emporium. He spent most of his nights and days improving and making his emporium alive. He even made his emporium his haven and comfort place by considering it as his own home. 

As of today, employees of the Oddities say that there is a distinct feeling creeping inside them every time they enter the bathroom. Many people would say that his spirit never left the place even though it was converted to a shop already.

Many paranormal experiences were felt by the people managing the store. Slap on the butt or a poke from the back. Back then, his ashes were said to be sprinkled all over the place and on the things he loved.

On Sale Oddities

Las Vegas Oddities

1. Herbs and Incense

Burning herbal incense has many health benefits for us. It is used for mental stimulation, relaxation, and uplift one’s mood. It is used to diffuse an excellent scent for your room; some shops are also using them to maintain a pleasing environment inside.

Another use of incense is for religious practices. Hindu, Buddhists, and Christians are the ones mostly using it for their ceremonies. And, Las Vegas Oddities offers you a wide range of different herbs, incense, and incense burner.

Some of these are white sandalwood, Californian poppy, dried jasmine flowers, sweetgrass, lavender, wild berry, and eucalyptus. Frankincense is also available in the shop. Most of this frankincense came from the regions of India, Africa, and the Middle East.

This aromatic resin has a woody, spicy smell and can be inhaled, absorbed through the skin, steeped into a tea or taken as a supplement. Another one is the holy incense used in the ritual, which is the sweet myrrh. If you want some of them, you can visit the store since they also have them in sachet packs.

2. Preserved Bones, Insects, and Animals

Do you find joy in collecting mummified and preserved insects and animals? Oddities have a lot in store for you. Not to mention the most unique and exotic ones, you can even imagine they exist.

For $275 you can purchase a tremendous horned flying muskrat eating a rat. Shark jaws with different sizes are available in sets, as well as molluscs in acrylic. Can you even believe that they have framed a unicorn heart? 

Animal bones can also be bought from the shop— woolly rhino, fetal pig, boar, and baboon. On the other hand, if you are the conservative type, framed and butterflies in acrylics are perfect for you. They have them in various sizes and colours.

Have you considered collecting human bones? If yes, then the Oddities has a human leg bone, human skull, and a piece of human femur and finger. Well, they electroformed human finger bone into a pendulum.

3. Books and Collectibles

Learning some magic tricks are quite burdensome, worry not. The Oddities have different magic books for practising spells and skills to guide you. If you are also interested in tarots, reincarnation, and zodiac, you can browse the internet and visit their online shop.

They also have some memorabilia like letters, pieces of jewelry, dice, and poker chips from criminals. You may think of how the store has them, and I know it’s weird, but these things are what the store is all about— weird and creepy stuff.

Online Shop

Gift cards

If you know someone who is direly fond of odd things, you can send them an electronic gift card during their special day. Just go to and click the “Gift Card” option.

You can choose from eight gift card designs and EGift amounts, $10, $20, $25, $50, or type a custom amount. You can even write a personal message to him or her and choose whether to send the EGift instantly or on a future date.

Refund Policy

Unless there is something grievous happens, the Oddities does not offer refunds.

Store Hours

Tuesday-Sunday – 11:00AM – 7:00PM


900 E Karen Ave Unit B101, 

Las Vegas, NV 89109, 

United States of America


Phone: +1 702-477-0430

You can also reach them through Las Vegas Oddities’ Facebook account.

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