Retro Vegas: Home of Mid-Century Modern History

Scientists say that we can’t travel back in time, but retro fanatics always have solutions for that. Cuckoo clocks, rotary telephones, silver utensils, and polka-dot dress— these are some of the items that can offer free time- travel to the past.

Some people are fond of the vibe and smell that the vintage items deliver. They believe that these antiques do not just take you back in time but also give the whole place a classic and elegant ambiance. “Classics never get old,” they say.

About Retro Vegas

Are you in search of vintage items to fill up your space? Retro Vegas has everything in store for you, from clothing to kitchenware, old lights, art, collectibles, and things for your living room. It is arguably the premier vintage shop in Las Vegas. 

Their inventory switches and changes all the time from Danish Modern to Hollywood Regency. It is defined as the home of the mid-century modern history of Las Vegas.

Also, this shop contains some memorabilia from imploded casinos, and long-ago destroyed Las Vegas sites. Retro Vegas was the first of the Main Street vintage shops in 2008 but remains as one of the best until today.

The Pink Kitchen

Have you ever seen an old movie? Or even mothers with their up-do dense volumized hair on their polka dot apron, cooking lunch for their children? If you have, then imagine how the kitchen looks like in those scenes.

Pastel-colored cupboard and black and white tiles, right? Retro Vegas has this vintage GE kitchen inside their store. It’s not for sale though, this corner is just for the customers to have a picture-perfect snap before they go.

This pink kitchen is also available for rent for photoshoots and the like. Not to mention their pink refrigerator and ovens, too.

Vintage Breakfast with Dinettes

In the space near the pink kitchen, you will see preset dining tables. These dining sets come in different colors and themes. You can find styles like Vintage Lane Brutalist, Mid Century Modern Broyhill, Vintage Burke Tulip Base, Danish Modern Teak, 1950’s Chrome Dining Table, and more.

Buy one of these for your home and feel like traveling back to the 1950s every time you have your meal.

Seats for Sale

Retro Vegas also has all kinds of seats available. You can find couches there for your living room or even bar stools from the 1950’s for your mini counter. Stay relaxed and de-stress your back on their 1970’s Ekornes Stressless Chair from Norway. 

Mid-mods are also available, as well as pairs of Danish chairs perfect for you and your loved one during TV time or coffee hours. If you are in search of office chairs, they also have one for you.

Drinkin’ n Smokin’ in 90s

Enjoy your drink while acting like you’re in Hawaii as you take a gulp with their Tiki Mugs. Or have an old-fashioned vibe while taking a sip of your favorite cocktail with their Vintage Libbey Pickwick Dickens Martini Cocktail Glasses. They also have fancy vintage ice buckets for as low as $33.

Have a stick of cigar and reminisce about the blurry past as the smoke fades into the air. However, an excellent smoking experience will never be complete without an antique ashtray to tap your cigar on. 

Retro Vegas has a wide variety of ashtrays such as Vintage Brass and Walnut Cigar, Yin Yang Spalter Glaze, Art Deco Smokador, and many more.

Lights from the Past

The right lighting in the room can uplift one’s mood and energy. Lighting can also increase productivity. Indeed, lighting can be a powerful thing. Retro Vegas displays an array of different themed lights for every room in the house. 

Make your room sweet and feminine with their Yellow Light Tulip 8-Petal Swag Lamp. You can also make your room Classique and elegant with Retro Vegas’ $350 18-inch Crystal Chandelier. 

Retro Vegas also has cabinets, racks, storage, and ceramic wares available for you. Mix and match these antiques and be a flea market flip guru.

The Red Kat: Upstairs Wardrobe

On the 2nd floor of the Retro Vegas, there are also vintage clothing for sale. It’s like hitting a gold mine. Different items of clothing are available for men and women on different occasions.

Get that summer look with their Hawaiian dresses. And keep yourself warm with their winter jackets and vintage boots. Clothing as casual as school outfits are also available.

This vintage wardrobe place is owned by The Red Kat. They also offer beautiful accessories for your clothes, such as bow ties, pins, necklaces, earrings, hats, and bags. Whatever look you want to have The Red Kat has everything in-store for you.

You can be a cowboy, a burlesque dancer, a tycoon, or even go wild with those animal prints for reasonable prices. Every time you visit Retro Vegas, do not forget to go upstairs and shuffle your fingers through the massive hanging selection of vintage items of clothing.

Why Antiques?

Antiques have proven themselves that they are truly built with quality and sturdiness to surpass the changing time. Also, they are sustainable or simply say they are made to last. 

These items will never go out of style, The Classics as per se. And, they tell a story of the glorious past and they too, have a character. 

Going vintage also means having limited edition, exclusive, unique, and state of the art items.


1131 S Main Street

Las Vegas Arts District

Las Vegas, Nevada

89104 United States


Retro Vegas’ products are available for short-term rent.

Contact Number


Email Address

[email protected]

Store Hours

Monday- Saturday 

11:00am – 6:00pm


12:00pm – 5:00 pm

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Retro Vegas

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To purchase online, you can go to Retro Vegas’ website and take note of the item name. Next, call the store’s contact number to ensure that the said item is still available in their inventory. After that, relay your zip code to the store manager for your corresponding shipment fee.

Invoices and payments are made through Paypal.

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