Vegas Baby Vodka: Celebrating the True Spirit of Vegas

As a city raring of energy and creativity, it is no longer surprising to see products and ideas that would make go, Wow! But, Vegas Baby Vodka has a distinct character in it that would make you sip twice and say – “This is the real Vegas, baby!”

Giving Birth to a New Spirit

Vegas Baby Vodka is the brainchild fo Jennifer Higgins and Megan Wilkes, friends and neighbors who both had an inimitable spirit that helped them navigate the competitive world of spirits. With it, they successfully brought the spirit of Vegas to a whole new level. 

The journey was not an easy one. It took the partners months of hard work, including taste testing and improving the flavor, and as well as trademarking the best vodka mix that Vegas has ever tasted. 

The Idea Behind the Name

Higgins and Wilkes knew that they have to come up with a catchy name to make their product stand out from the rest. While researching, they noted that #VegasBaby registered more than 6 million mentions on Instagram and is not, in any way, associated with a spirit. Since the name had a pretty nice ring to it, they chose to baptize their baby with the name and registered its trademark. 

A Vodka Made in Vegas for Vegas

The Summerlin-based company uncorked its product last May 10, 2019, and has since been positively received by the general public and they soon realized that their months of work were well worth it. Since its uncorking, Vegas Baby Vodka has been in every event. Both Higgins and Wilkes are not slowing down. They have been very hands-on in promoting the product because they want everyone to realize that their premium vodka deserves a place in every Vegas home. 

“We want to be in every place in Las Vegas,” Higgins says. “We want to be Las Vegans’ brand that they are proud of, and that they can just be in a bar and be like, ‘Do you have Vegas Baby?’ I want to hear that all the time.”

And they are reaping the benefits now. The 100% non-GMO and gluten-free corn vodka has been on every shelf of every liquor store in Vegas since July 2019. 

While offering their spirit to other states is in their timeline, it is not their priority. They still want to cater to the people of Vegas – locals and tourists. For Higgins and Wilkes, Vegas Baby Vodka is more than just a product – it is their baby. 

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