Davidson’s Organics: Your Source of Farm to Cup Tea

Have you ever sipped a cup of tea, enjoyed its infusing, and wondered where the tea came from? This experience is what you can have when your tea comes from Davidson’s Organics, one of the largest tea enterprises in the U.S. The Sparks-based company is a local brand that has a global footprint. Since their business began, the company has continually refined its tea blends to reflect the authentic flavor of the blends they are named after. 

Their Unique Journey

For over 40 years, Davidson’s Organics has partnered with various tea producers and farmers across the globe. One of their significant achievements was securing a partnership with one of India’s top organic tea producers. The alliance allowed the company to offer a wide selection of freshly picked teas that continue to provide each of its consumers with a unique blend that resonates with their vision of delivering socially responsible and eco-friendly offerings. 

Davidson’s Organics processes more than 500 globally grown ingredients in their warehouse in Sparks – the same place where they successfully concoct over 300 tea blends. According to co-owner Kunnal Patel, all the magic happens within the confines of the facility. This is where they formulate, blend, manufacture and distribute their teas. By centralizing its entire process, they can maintain the highest quality. And this is the very reason why the company has received the SQF Level Two certification. This certification is the highest safety certification in the food manufacturing industry. 

Their Unique Products

The success of their tea blends has allowed Davidson’s Organics to offer many different kinds of tea. The most notable of them is The Handshake. The tea blend is a concoction by local mixologist Michael Moberly. It includes a perfect mix of the leaves of green tea, yerba mate, guayusa, gotu kola, spearmint, and the roots of ashwagandha and licorice. This particular blend is perfect for providing balanced energy to help individuals recover from their busy days. 

Most of the products offered by Davidson’s Organics were based on the principles of Ayurveda. And this is why most of their blends would feature blends that promote the positive flow of energy, improve the quality of sleep, enhance the digestion process, and assist in other health issues. 

In the many years that Davidson’s Organics have offered their teas, they have wavered through many changes in the market. But, through it all, their passion for providing the best quality products, their respect for nature, and gratitude towards their partners have remained the same, making them the epitome of a company genuinely made in Vegas. Check out their site: www.davidsonstea.com to find more about their whole range of tea blends. 

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