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According to renowned researcher and Ted Talk speaker Brene Brown, vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation and creativity. You can only create something new when you are courageous enough to risk being hurt. Richie Galdieri is an epitome of a man who was able to innovate because of his courage and vulnerability. Read on as we tell you more about him and the success story of his cigar shop in Las Vegas.

richie galdieri cigar shop in las vegas
LVCC is a cigar shop running for more than 30 years. Unlike other cigar shops, it sells its own brand of cigars. Image courtesy of Las Vegas Cigar Company’s website.

At 53, Galdieri craved for a change in his life. He operated a ceramic dental lab in New Jersey for 20 years until he decided to move to Las Vegas in 1988. Initially, he worked as a salesman. One day, a Cuban friend suggested that he open a cigar shop, arguing that cigars are going to be a hit soon. A lifelong cigar smoker, the idea appealed to him. After gathering enough money, he hired a cigar maker and opened a small cigar shop near Bally’s Casino called Las Vegas Cigar Company (LVCC).


Together with the cigar maker he hired, Galdieri worked on creating various tobacco blends. They put together Cuban-seed tobaccos until they were able to concoct blends that are not harsh, bitter, nor bland. He was able to create 10 flavors after about a month at that time. These make up the signature tobacco line of LVCC. Today, as per its website, the signature line consists of 12 flavors. 

las vegas cigar shop selling own cigar line
Reach LVCC at 702-262-6100 or 800-432-4277. Image courtesy of LVCC’s Facebook page.

Unlike other cigar shops, LVCC sells its brands of the cigar. Galdieri made this business decision to make sure that everything that his shop sells is high in quality. By selling his brands alone, he is in control. In a 1996 article from Smoke Magazine, he also said that he made such a move because he didn’t want competition against his brands.

Today, LVCC has been running for over 30 years. While it already sells other cigar brands, it still mainly sells its brands.

“Hand rolling premium cigars with the finest blend of selected Cuban-seed tobaccos since 1988.”

If you’re getting bored with the usual cigar brands you smoke, check out what LVCC has to offer for a change! Below are some of the details about the cigars it offers:

Made from Cuban-seed tobaccos. LVCC uses Cuban-seed tobaccos grown from all over the world, such as the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Connecticut, Ecuador, Indonesia, and Africa. 

las vegas cigar shop selling own cigar brands
LVCC is open from 8 am to 6 pm from Monday to Saturday and 10 am to 4 pm on Sunday. Image courtesy of LVCC’s Facebook page.

Rolled by expert cigar makers. LVCC comprises a team of seasoned cigar makers that are experts in rolling tobaccos into fine cigars. The cigar shop guarantees precisely-constructed cigars for you to enjoy. 

Monitored to ensure premium quality. LVCC executes blow tests and random hand inspections to ensure the quality of the cigars. 


Aside from its signature line, LVCC also offers the Don Bernardo Cigar line, which comprises of 7 kinds of cigars, as well as flavored cigars. Flavors include vanilla, chocolate, rum, and mango. 

las vegas cigar company cigar shop in las vegas
LVCC is located at 2510 E Sunset Rd, Ste 1 ​Las Vegas, NV 89120. Image courtesy of LVCC’s Facebook page.

Drop by the cigar shop in Las Vegas and light something new. A large humidor, a 65-inch TV, and a pool table await you! The cigar shop in the strip is open from 8 am to 6 pm from Monday to Saturday and 10 am to 4 pm on Sunday. You can also buy its products online.

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