Custom Poker Chips: A Must-Buy Souvenir from Las Vegas

Do you want to spice up your game night or stock up gaming supplies for your casino? Spinettis Home Gaming Supplies offers gaming essentials and custom poker chips that you need. Check out their amazing offers and get rid of plain and boring game sessions.

About Spinettis Home Gaming Supplies

Las Vegas gathers all its life from different casinos bustling in the city, especially at night. Spinettis Home Gaming Supplies Retail Store provides various casino gaming essentials to almost all casinos in Las Vegas.

If you are looking for custom poker chips and collectibles from famous vintage casinos across the globe, Spinettis will give you what you need. They even offer original poker chips from Bally’s Las Vegas, former MGM Grand.

Their store has showrooms that contain various large and miniature gaming tables for you to choose from. Limited edition poker chips only are affordable. Spinettis offer them for only $3-$5 per chip.

Mike Spinetti, the owner of this store, grew fond of poker when he was just five years old. His grandmother was the one who made Mike fall in love with chips, cards, and dice. His passion for collecting Casino Gambling items throughout the years became his business today.

Gambler’s Chip Corner

Poker Chip Customizer Kit With Labels

Use this kit to create custom poker chips with your own choice of design. The customizer kit includes the software, labels, and aligning tools. You can also browse for chip clip-arts and templates in the provided software.

After editing your chip design, print it with your laser printer or inkjet printer. With the help of the placement jig, you can fittingly stick your label to your chip. There are 700 labels included in the kit, and each of them is an inch diameter.

The software, however, only works with Windows operated PCs. Note that this design kit doesn’t include poker chips.

Custom Artwork Setup

For convenience, you can leave the customization of your chips to Spinettis. They have a minimum order of 100 fries. You can choose whether you want them to be Magnesium, Brass, or Copper dyed.

Magnesium dyed chips’ maximum order is 2,999 pieces, 10,000 pieces for Copper, and 20,000 or more for the Brass. Once you have received the custom chips, Spinettis strictly imposes no return policy.

It is expected to wait for 21 days of production after the final artwork design for chips is approved and finalized by both Spinettis and the customer. However, you can opt for a rush purchase if you need the chips earlier.

Bally’s Haunted Chips

Do you find excitement and thrill in stories about ghosts and a gambler at the same time? Check out this haunted Bally’s chip! As we all know Bally’s was formerly the MGM Grand Hotel.

However, in 1980 one of the worst fires in Las Vegas claimed the sparkling era of the hotel and the lives of 87 people. Regardless of the years that have passed, some check-ins from the 90s never plan to check-out.

Mysterious shadows have been spotted in the staircases and bedrooms from where the victims have died from the fire. Ghosts wearing hard hats, which people believe are construction workers during the incident happened are still wandering in the corridors and other serene areas of the casino.

Preserve one Bally’s rich history by grabbing one of their $25 Bally Las Vegas Chip. Other haunted chips in the Spinettis are Circus Hotel and Casino, The Excalibur, Flamingo, and Luxor.

Spinettis Roulette Chips

Roulette chips are different from the poker chips provided that they do not have a denomination value labeled on them. Each chip is worth $1. The most challenging part of playing roulette is knowing that you only have 1 in 1024 chances that your color would be chosen.

Spinettis have roulette chips from MGM Grand, The Aladdin, Caesar’sCaesar’s Palace, Dunes Hotel, Flamingo, Stardust, Mandalay Bay, Paris Roulette, Mirage, Binion’sBinion’s Horseshoe, Hard Rock Hotel, Hilton, and Wilbur Desert Inn.

Non-Nevada State Chips

Spinettis wants to serve only the best for their customers. Due to the high demand for sourcing chips in Nevada, Spinettis also did its best to gather chips from across the globe. They released the volume two of the Non-Nevada State Chips just now.

You can check their website for Quapaw Casino Miami chip; Bluechip form Michigan, Station Casino Chip from Kansas City, FitzGeralds Mississippi, and many more.

Spinettis Gambling Stuff

Card Shufflers

Cheaters are a pain in the ass in game sessions. Avoid gambling rambles and riots by using card shufflers. Spinetti’s card shufflers are automatic and easy to use. It will only take less than 10 seconds to shuffle six card decks.

Books and Instructions

Still a newbie in chips and cards? No problem. Available training and tutorial books are waiting for you in Spinettis. From Basic Strategy for Cards to Casino Guides, you will surely acquire the skill that you need for gambling.

Family Games

Friday night is family night. If you are tired with endless charades, try one of Spinetti’sSpinetti’s games. They have Bingo cards with tab sliders. You don’t need a highlighter or fold each tab whenever a number in your card gets picked. Gently slide the red tag, and you’re good to go.
They also have 28 Domino Tiles on sale for only $1. The set includes a playing guide and a storage tray. You can play this with 2-4 players.

You can train in playing poker with your family with the Caribbean Stud Poker and Texas Hold Em’ Poker Trainer Home Card Game Kit. The kit includes 100 gaming chips, a chip rack, a dealer button, playing cards, game tips, and instructions. It is best when played with 2-8 people. It is best if you pair this training set with the tutorial books available in the store.


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