ALICE Receptionist: A Live Interactive Customer Experience

Imagine this. You enter a lobby and something greets you instead of a person. A virtual receptionist on a flat-screen TV talks to you. Managing an office is now exciting with ALICE® Receptionist. ALICE is an acronym for A Live Interactive Customer Experience. It is a 2-Way virtual video receptionist that is changing the future of a company’s front desk or lobby.

A traditional office still has a receptionist.

The most advanced visitor management solution

The concept of ALICE was conceived in the late 90’s when Mike Yoder was solving the management of an office without hiring a full-time receptionist. Mike then built a virtual receptionist to meet the company’s immediate needs. WinTech LLC launched in August 2010. WinTech developed ALICE® Receptionist in Las Vegas.

People Behind WinTech LLC

  • Frank Yoder together with his brother, Mike, founded Advanced Information Systems (AIS) in 1987. He sits on the Computer Science Advisory Council for the College of Engineering at UNLV and is also a board member of Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology Foundation. He is WinTech’s President.
  • Mike is a software engineer. He was CTO and COO of AIS. AIS hired over 50 software developers and engineers who developed software applications and technology solutions for companies in the US and Europe. He is WinTech’s CTO.
  • Vernon Rodriguez has over 40 years of management experience. He has been influential in several company startups and expansions. He is the CEO of WinTech.
ALICE Receptionist Kiosk at a #VegasTech Booth in 2013. Photo courtesy of Alice Receptionist’s Facebook account.

Basic ALICE Features

  • It greets a visitor upon entering the premises.
  • ALICE notifies an employee when a visitor arrives.
  • It helps the employee and visitor communicate with a 2-way or 1-way video, or by phone.
  • The software has a straightforward “one touch to call” connection that is easy to understand and use.
  • It lets one person control visitor traffic for multiple locations, allowing receptionist services for several offices or buildings.

Hardware Solution

You can choose from any of the hardware solutions that is best suited for your reception.

  1. Wall-mounted display units that look as decor are available for small and medium offices.
  2. ALICE Kiosks are easy to interact with as people are drawn to it to seek information.
  3. Desktop Systems that are touch screen systems are best where there is a receptionist desk in a lobby.

Return on Investment

The cost of a full-time employee is eliminated, thus providing cost efficiency for a company. This is a unique feature of ALICE. According to their website, you get a 100% ROI at a tenth the cost of a full-time employee, in under 60 days. In addition, ALICE customers save on average $192,000 over 5 years.

ALICE Clientele

Some notable clients of WinTech are NASA, AIG, Toshiba. The Salvation Army, Emerson, De Beers, Haier, Teva, Schenker, Atlas Copco, and Soltech are also part of the clientele.

Awards, Recognition, and Reviews

Alice Receptionist is an innovative product that had several awards and good reviews are continuing to come in.

  • Declared as the Winner of StartupCamp 8
  • Awarded Best in Show, Late Stage at the SXSW Startup Celebration sponsored by CEA and CO
  • Named one of the 6 Cutting Edge Gadgets to Watch by Inc. Magazine
  • Has a 4.5-star rating in software reviews such as Capterra and Software Advice

Your Next Receptionist is ALICE

What makes ALICE Receptionist distinct is you can create your own introductory videos. According to Rodriguez, “ALICE enables the business to retain its professionalism.” An extra layer of security is also added by having to preview the visitor first before an employee accepts the interaction. Set up is easy and there is a responsive technical support team.

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