Banger Brewing: Created by the City of Las Vegas, for the City of Las Vegas

Do you dream of building a business with your friends? Wishing to travel the road towards victory together? It would probably be an amazing ride. After all, it is with a group of people that you could count on and be crazy with at the same time.

In Las Vegas, a group of five friends was able to turn such a dream into a reality. They are the people behind Banger Brewing, a brewery located Downtown.

Some customers of Banger Brewing. Photo courtesy of Banger Brewing’s Facebook page.

The group of five friends behind Banger Brewing knew each other since they were young. Later on in life, they worked together at a hotel. This is where they developed an interest in the world of food, beverage, and hospitality. In fact, even without the business in mind yet, they were already traveling the world together, exploring beers and learning about service in the best way possible: through experience.

After many years, they have come to a decision to make a business out of the same passion they share. This comes with a belief that Las Vegas is a great source of craft beers. With this in their heart and mind, they asked Michael “Banger” Beaman, their friend who knows how to brew beers, to join the business. He agreed and the company was named after him.  

Together with Beaman, the group of five friends started to brew beers and the rest was history. When all is said and done, they envision a world that recognizes Las Vegas as a great source of fine-tasting and quality craft beers.

Craft Beers

Banger Brewing has beers available all year round and periodically. It also has special release beers. All in all, it has a total of 35 beers! Read on to find out more about them.

craft beer banger brewing
Taste the craft beer of Banger Brewing. Photo courtesy of Banger Brewing’s Facebook page.

Year-Round Beers

Banger Brewing has five beers available all year round. They include:

  • Perfect Ten (American Pale Ale)
  • El Heffe (Jalapeño Hefeweizen)
  • DTB (Brown Ale)
  • Morning Joe (Coffee Kölsch)
  • and Hop Culture Reference (Single Hop IPA).

The year-round beer that contains the lowest Alcohol by Volume (ABV) is El Heffe. Its ABV is only 5.2%. On the other hand, the year-round beer that contains the highest ABV is Single HOP IPA. Its ABV is 6.5%.

Periodic Beers

For its periodic beers, Banger Brewing has seventeen! They are:

  • Hop Bang Boom (Imperial IPA)
  • Sandia (Watermelon Wheat)
  • Spring Training (Grapefruit Infused Saison)
  • Rebellion Red (Irish Red Ale)
  • Kolsch Kall (Kolsch)
  • More Cal-Bel (Belgian IPA)
  • Van Damme (Belgian Golden Strong)
  • Coppertale (Marzen)
  • Gary D’Weet (Hefeweizen)
  • Tripel (Belgian Tripel)
  • Okto-bearfest (Oktoberfest)
  • Black Eye IPA (Imperial Black IPA)
  • Honey Pot (Golden Cream Ale)
  • Infinite Patience (Cappuccino Stout)
  • Dubbel Dubbel (Belgian Dubbel)
  • Vegas “Session” IPA (Imperial IPA)
  • and Fremont Bitter (ESB).

Witty names for beers, right?

different craft beers of banger brewing
Choose from Banger Brewing’s wide selection of craft beers. Photo courtesy of Banger Brewing.

The periodic beer with the lowest ABV is Rebellion Red. Its ABV is 5.1% only. On the other hand, the periodic beer with the highest ABV is Tripel. Its ABV is 8.8%.

Special Beers

Finally, Banger Brewing has thirteen special release beers. They are:

  • the Belgian County 1st Anniversary Release (Bourbon Barrel Squad)
  • Eau Du Bang Bang 2nd Anniversary Release (Wine Barrel Saison)
  • Golden Sours 3rd Anniversary Release (Wine Barrel American Wild)
  • Sinister Whiskey (Bourbon Barrel Imperial Black IPA)
  • Memories… of Now (Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout)
  • Chocolate Victory (Wheat Stout)
  • Red Dawn (Hibiscus Lemon Saison)
  • Brother Jud’s (Double Chocolate Monk Stout)
  • Dark Angel (Bourbon Barrel Stout)
  • Unforgiven (Bourbon Barrel Stout)
  • Rhubarb Project (Blueberry Rhubarb Sour)
  • Turncoat (Gin Barrel Aged Imperial IPA)
  • and Cloud Nine (Imperial New England IPA).

Eau Du Bang Bang 2nd Anniversary Release and Rhubarb Project contain the lowest ABV. Their ABV is 5.2%. The beer with the highest ABV is Memories… of Now. Its ABV is 12.3%.

banger brewing brewery
Banger Brewing’s brewery. Photo courtesy of Banger Brewing’s Facebook page.

By the way, Banger Brewing also holds tours of its brewery. During the tour, you will discover Banger Brewing’s process of brewing beers and the ingredients it uses, and even take a sip of some of its beers! Interested? Go to its website now and click on the “Tours” tab.


Besides serving craft beers, Banger Brewing also sells various items with a touch of its brand. Some of them are:

  • beanies
  • hats
  • shirts
  • glassware
  • gift cards
  • and hoodies
shop branger brewing items
Banger Brewing’s items available for shopping. Photo courtesy of Banger Brewing’s Facebook page.

The store also holds events. Its most recent was held last April 4. The event was for the launch of Van Damme, an addition to Banger Brewing’s periodic beers. Didn’t know about this? Be one of the firsts to taste what it’s like and head to Banger Brewing today!


Looking for a place to chill out tonight? Taste a beer that’s made by fellow Las Vegans and for Las Vegas. Or better yet, in the words of Banger Brewing, a beer that is “made by the City of Las Vegas, for the City of Las Vegas”. Head to Downtown, Las Vegas and give the beers of Banger Brewing a try now!

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