Tenaya Creek: Brewing Quality Craft Beer

We are an excellent beer maker. Learning the history of Tenaya Creek, this seemed to be what it believes in. It believes in its ability to make quality-tasting beers. It believes that its beers deserve to be known. This belief led the brewery to finally eliminate its food service and focus its efforts on making beers alone. This happened in 2008 – nine years after Tenaya Creek opened.

It was also in 2008 that the brewery began supplying beers to various restaurants and cafes around Las Vegas. This move spurred its growth. To keep the momentum going, Tenaya Creek added a 22-ounce bottling line to its product offerings in 2010.

tenaya creek bonanza road
Check out Tenaya Creek at 831 W Bonanza Rd, Las Vegas, NV 8910. Photo courtesy of Tenaya Creek’s website.

In 2015, Tenaya Creek departed from its original location and moved to a new location in Bonanza Road. There, its production capacity is ten times what it produces in its initial location. It was also around this time that it was able to add a canning line.  

To date, you may get a taste of Tenaya Creek’s fine beers in various states of the United States of America. This includes Southern California, Arizona, Utah, Canada, and of course, Nevada. It also supplies beers to Allegiant Airlines. Specifically, the airlines’ western flights in the U.S.  

Tenaya Creek’s Beers

Tenaya creek has beers that are available all year round and in season. For the former, it has six beers in total. They are Hefeweizen, Tenaya Pilsner, Gypsy Fade IPA, Bonanza Brown Ale, Hop Ride IPA, and 702 Pale Ale. The alcohol level of these beers ranges between 5% and 7.2%. The beer with the highest alcohol content is Hop Ride IPA.

tenaya creek draft beers
Taste fine-tasting beers at Tenaya Creek. Photo courtesy of Tenaya Creek’s website.

On the other hand, it has six seasonal beers. They are The God of Thunder, Imperial Stout, Monsoon IPA, Dutch Trippel Ale, Old Jackalope Barleywine, and Tandem Double. Compared to its beers available all year round, the alcohol level of the seasonal beers is higher. The alcohol level of these beers ranges between 8.5% to 10.4%. The seasonal beer with the highest alcohol level is Old Jackalope Barleywine.

Bottles, Cans, and Kegs

Tenaya Creek offers its beers in bottles, cans, and kegs. The beers available in bottles are Hop Ride IPA, Bonanza Brown Ale, Hauling Oats, God of Thunder, Imperial Stout and, Dutch Trippel Ale. Each bottle contains 22 ounces of any of these beers. A case contains 12 bottles.

The beers available in cans are Tenaya Pilsner, Bonanza Brown Ale, Hop Ride IPA, Hauling Oats, Oktoberfest, 702 Pale Ale, Gypsy Fade IPA, Monsoon IPA, and Tandem Double. A can contains 12 ounces of beer.  A pack contains 6 cans whereas a case contains 24 cans.

Finally, the beers available in kegs are Tenaya Pilsner, Bonanza Brown Ale, Local 702, Hefeweizen, Hauling Oats, Hop Ride IPA, and the seasonal beers. The keg sizes are 5 gallons and 15.5 gallons.


With the choice to focus on its passion of making beers, Tenaya Creek became a famous maker and supplier of beer not only within Nevada but also to other nearby states. The success story of Tenaya Creek taught me one thing: at the end of the day, it’s really all about knowing what I really want and pursuing it unapologetically. It will be worth it regardless of the result because it is what I want. Cheers to pursuing our passions! Cheers to Tenaya Creek!

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