The Apothecary Shoppe: Where’s My Weed At?

Las Vegas is one of the few U.S. states where you can get weed legally. It has given birth to a rich weed culture in Sin City. If you’re ever wondering which dispensary carries the finest grade grass in Vegas, then you should take a look at The Apothecary Shoppe.  The specialty shop carries a

Rainbow Feathers Co: Your Go-To Shop for Custom Feathers

Ever thought of channeling your inner burlesque after you visit the Burlesque Hall of Fame, but you just can’t find the right feather color that would complete your look? Or, do you want to amp your HerMoola swimsuit with a bright feather boa? Worry no more because Rainbow Feathers Co can produce it for you. 

Lakeview Cheese: Your Local Source of Finest Cheese

Lakeview Cheese is a Las Vegas-based cheese manufacturing and distribution company founded in 2009 by a Wisconsin native Bernie Moen. For over a decade, the company has successfully created custom and private labels to cater to its highly varied clientele.  Geographic Divisions of Lakeview Cheese  To create the finest quality cheese for its customers, the

Vegas Baby Vodka: Celebrating the True Spirit of Vegas

As a city raring of energy and creativity, it is no longer surprising to see products and ideas that would make go, Wow! But, Vegas Baby Vodka has a distinct character in it that would make you sip twice and say – “This is the real Vegas, baby!” Giving Birth to a New Spirit Vegas

Davidson’s Organics: Your Source of Farm to Cup Tea

Have you ever sipped a cup of tea, enjoyed its infusing, and wondered where the tea came from? This experience is what you can have when your tea comes from Davidson’s Organics, one of the largest tea enterprises in the U.S. The Sparks-based company is a local brand that has a global footprint. Since their

Polar Shades Sun Control: A Different Kind of Shade

Our home is our sanctuary, but not all homes are the same. Some homes need to have better protection from the harsh weather, especially in Las Vegas, where summers can be sweltering. Thankfully, there’s Polar Shades. The story of Polar Shades began in 1995. Steve Mevius, a Vegas local, decided he needed to do something

Hexx Chocolate: Super Natural

Authentically satisfying would best describe the chocolatey concoctions at Hexx Chocolate, located at the heart of The Strip at Paris Las Vegas. If you are keen on tasting artisan chocolates, you don’t have to go abroad to have them. HEXX Chocolate can serve it up for you.  Staying True to Their Roots All the chocolates