Las Vegas Cigar Company

According to renowned researcher and Ted Talk speaker Brene Brown, vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation and creativity. You can only create something new when you are courageous enough to risk being hurt. Richie Galdieri is an epitome of a man who was able to innovate because of his courage and vulnerability. Read on as

Cigarbox: Premium Cigar Lounge Off The Strip

The Freyboy Tobacco Group opened Cigarbox in October 2016, which is also the date that marks its 20th year in the business. While it is the proud owner of many other cigar stores such as Casa Fuente and Montecristo Cigar Bar, it claims that Cigarbox was the best cigar lounge it opened so far.  Many

Umpqua Oats: A Pioneer Brand of Custom-Milled Oats

Looking at a problem as an opportunity instead of a threat can bring about creative and innovative solutions that were once unthinkable and unimaginable. Sometimes, all it takes is a change in perspective to see the great possibilities that a problem presents. The entire paragraph practically sums up how Umpqua Oats came to be. When

The Grove: Dispensary in Las Vegas for 2018

The Grove is a dispensary with a branch in Las Vegas and Pahrump. It was hailed as the Best of Las Vegas 2018 Gold Winner in Dispensary, Leafly’s Best Dispensary in the Central Region for 2016, and the third placer in Leafly’s 2017 Best Dispensary List for Spring in 2017. The Grove is also one

Hop Nuts Brewing: First Microbrewery in Las Vegas Arts District

It’s always great to know the success stories of people from all walks of life. They inspire many to never give up, follow their heart, and stand up from failures. There’s a thing or two to take away after knowing them. On that note, here’s the success story of Kevin Holder, the owner of the

Atomic Liquors: The Oldest Freestanding Bar in Las Vegas

Nowadays, it isn’t just about which bar has the best drinks and food. It is also a matter of which bar will offer a new experience. In the case of Atomic Liquors, a bar from off The Strip, has a rich history. It stands out from the rest as it, literally and figuratively, offers a

Sapona: Organic Bath & Body Products

For some, a bath is a lot more than just a regular part of their routine. Some see the time they spend taking a bath and doing their post-bath routine as a sweet escape. Others, on the other hand, see it as a time where they could release all the stresses of the day and reflect on

Kana: A Store Selling Premium Hemp-Based CBD Products

Are you looking for a store that sells hemp-based Cannabidiol (CBD) products? You’re lucky. Today, we’ll be putting the spotlight on a store that sells premium hemp-based CBD products. Launched just last June 2018, Kana is located at Main Street Las Vegas. Its products are also available for purchase online.  Just like any business that

Scientific Games: Providing Gambling Products & Services Across the Globe

This article is dedicated to knowing more about one of the biggest businesses in Nevada: Scientific Games! With headquarters in Las Vegas, Scientific Games is a company that provides gambling products and services to gambling corporations across the globe. It caters to casinos, digital businesses, and retail businesses.   The history of the company stretches