Umpqua Oats: A Pioneer Brand of Custom-Milled Oats

Looking at a problem as an opportunity instead of a threat can bring about creative and innovative solutions that were once unthinkable and unimaginable. Sometimes, all it takes is a change in perspective to see the great possibilities that a problem presents. The entire paragraph practically sums up how Umpqua Oats came to be.

When a coffee shop served friends Sheri and Mandy with bland and mushy oatmeal, they knew they had to do something about it. They decided to fill the gap in the oatmeal market, including the lack of a to-go option for consuming oatmeal and the unavailability of hearty, healthy oatmeal.

umpqua oats owners
Umpqua Oats’ was co-founded by friends and mompreneurs Sheri and Mandy. Image courtesy of Umpqua Oats’ Facebook page.

While the two can simply move on from the poor customer experience they had, they chose to take the matter into their own hands instead. They established Umpqua Oats, a pioneer brand of custom-milled oats packaged in a cup so you can enjoy honest-to-goodness oatmeal anytime, anywhere.

“Custom-milled oatmeal with real fruit, nuts, and seeds.”

Custom-Milled Oats

Friends turned business partners Sheri and Mandy let go of standard industry processes during the process of creating their products. By custom-milling oats and experimenting with different flavors, the dynamic duo achieved thick-textured oats and produced innovative flavors; and all of the magic happened in Sheri’s kitchen. Both Sheri and Mandy, with the help of their kids, used the highest quality real ingredients to come up with industry-defining oatmeal.

Nothing Artificial

The pioneer brand of custom-milled oats contains natural and gluten-free ingredients. The products don’t include bleached or dyed oats. Sheri and Mandy argue that they don’t do that to cut costs, unlike other brands. 

umpqua oats organic
The company has three products: Oatmeal Cups, Organic Oatmeal Cups, and Oatmeal Pouches. Image courtesy of Umpqua Oats’ Facebook page.

Top-shelf Ingredients

Umpqua Oats contains real fruit, seeds, and nuts. Some of the ingredients mixed with oats are Himalayan raisins, organic flax, and quinoa.

custom milled oats umpqua oats
Oatmeal Cups come in seven flavors: Apple Cranberry, Apple Walnut Pumpkin Seed, Blueberry Apple Unsweetened, Fruit and Nut, Maple Pecan, Triple Berry, and Vanilla Almond. Image courtesy of Umpqua Oats’ Facebook page.

Umpqua Oats has three products: Oatmeal cups and organic oatmeal cups that let you enjoy an oatmeal to-go and oatmeal pouches for you to savor oatmeal at the comfort of your homes. Sheri and Mandy introduced the latter just last 2016. All three products come in various flavors to suit your preferences. 

Want some oatmeal that can fill you up?

Umpqua Oats has come a long way since it was established in 2008. It is now offered in several retail outlets. Last 2018, Alaska Airlines also began to offer it to its passengers. There’s no denying that it has become a trusted brand.

For more information about Umpqua Oats and how you can avail of the products, visit its website now!

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