Big Dog’s Brewing Company: A Brewhouse in the Heart of Las Vegas

Big Dog’s Brewing Company is a brewhouse in the heart of Las Vegas. It was called, “Holy Cow” in 1993 until it transferred to its current location just 8 miles northwest of downtown Las Vegas. Big Dog’s Brewing Company has been in the business for more than two decades. Their brewery team does not stop

ALICE Receptionist: A Live Interactive Customer Experience

Imagine this. You enter a lobby and something greets you instead of a person. A virtual receptionist on a flat-screen TV talks to you. Managing an office is now exciting with ALICE® Receptionist. ALICE is an acronym for A Live Interactive Customer Experience. It is a 2-Way virtual video receptionist that is changing the future of a

Zappos: Providing the Best Service Online

You have been eyeing to buy a particular pair of shoes. You go to your favorite shoe shop, but the shoes are not available. It has the right style, but not the right size. So you head to another shoe shop hoping to find the shoes you want. You come in and the sales associate

Nectar Bath Treats: Remarkable Sweet Treats for the Bath & Body

  Extraordinary Products. Exceptional Employees. Happy Customers! That is what Nectar Bath Treats is all about. They offer remarkable sweet treats for the bath & body that are handmade in Las Vegas. Employees rave about the company and you can feel that there is so much love among them. Their soap confections are exceptional that

JoJo’s Jerky: A Surprising Vegas Find

JoJo’s Jerky, a surprising Vegas find, started in Las Vegas by Hans Hippert back in 2004 having a passion for food and a dream. He brought Jerky to a friend’s house that was well-received by his family and friends. His friend’s son, Jonathan would go crazy about it and would always ask when Hans would

Sweet Bubble: Las Vegas’ Original Bath Baker

Peek into this delightful retail store at the Town Square Shopping Mall and witness how creative and charming handmade soap and bath confections can be. Sweet Bubble, Las Vegas’ original bath baker has Bath Confections that are edible-looking designs. Luscious artisan slices and slabs are what you will see in the store. Taking your bubble